Воздушные замки бюджета–1

budget air castles – 1

galina akimova
only the lazy did not rush to discuss the draft budget in the second reading on friday. we are not lazy and therefore decided to participate too ...
Китай считает, что Америка проигрывает

china thinks america is losing

julian gewirtz
the consequences of the presidency of donald trump will be discussed for decades, but for the chinese government, everything is already clear. chinese leaders believe that for the past four years ...
Ирпенское пике министра финансов

irpen pike of finance minister

nikolai ostroukhov
minister of finance sergei marchenko instead of dealing with the budget, in which there will soon be no money left for mousetraps for those who died from ...
Переполох в «соросятнике»

a commotion in the "sorosyatnik"

alexander zubchenko
i have long wanted to write an article in wikipedia about the "soros". this term has firmly entered the political science conceptual apparatus, and without it already ...
Как спасти демократию от технологий

how to save democracy from technology

frances fukuyama, barak richman, ashish goel | || 175
among the many transformations taking place in the american economy, the most notable is the rise of giant internet platforms. amazon, apple, facebook, google and twitter, which were strong even before the pandemic ...
Дешево и сердито

cheap and cheerful

галина акимова
tomorrow will be a special day - black friday. people are already discussing today how they will board trading networks. and fear…
Дипломатия на первом месте

diplomacy comes first

anne marie sloter, alexandra stark
president-elect joe biden has made it clear that diplomacy will play a central role in his administration's foreign policy. biden promised ...


alexander zubchenko
hard times have come for " pig farms "peter alekseevich. his bot factory, led by crowbars (as if by opinion leaders) is almost ...
Госказначейский детектив посреди коронавируса

state treasury detective in the midst of the coronavirus

galina akimova
i don’t know about you, but every day the feeling of a general information madhouse is strengthening, where the population concerned about the coronavirus was locked ...
Мощь Big Tech

the power of big tech

tucker carlson
good evening! welcome to tucker carlson tonight! in the last few days you have already heard a lot about the reliability of our electronic machines ...
Украина в мировой торговле: спасение в примитивизме?

ukraine in world trade: salvation in primitivism?

galina akimova
amid the rcep agreement and the creation of a multilateral trade deal involving china and the countries of the asia-pacific region, everyone is talking about the prospects ... | || 213
Байден призвал на помощь свой «мозговой центр»

biden called his brain center for help

david sanger, michael crowley, lara jakes
antony j. blinken, advocate of global alliances and closest foreign policy adviser to president-elect joseph biden, is expected to be ...
Это фиаско, братан!

this is a fiasco bro!

alexander zubchenko
i fully share the concern of the powder robots, in particular taras chornovol, about the nasty electoral behavior of the inhabitants of the cultural capital of the world and ukraine, the city ...
С кем Украина: с Европой или Америкой?

who is ukraine with: europe or america?

galina akimova
a little geopolitical philosophy will not hurt us. of course, the main question in the midst of the celebration of the beginning of the maidan: who stole money from the coronavirus fund? ...
Программа глобальной диктатуры

global dictatorship program

pаl steigan | || 235
world economic forum ceo klaus schwab has co-authored with thierry malleret covid-19: the great reboot. perhaps ...
Нюрнберг, 75 лет спустя

nuremberg, 75 years later

galina akimova
another anniversary - 75 years ago, on november 20, 1945, the most famous in history began in the palace of justice of the city of nuremberg ...
Неонацистская группировка продолжает действовать

neo-nazi group continues to operate

the ukrainian azov movement, which the state department calls a "nationalist misanthropic group," posts ads, organizes violent actions and spreads far-right ideas. despite attempts ...
Острая кислородная недостаточность

acute oxygen deficiency

galina akimova
don't know , like you, but i have a clear feeling that we have an epidemic not of covid-19, but of a massive mental ...
Майк Помпео: "Нам ставят в вину, что мы отгородились от мира"

mike pompeo: "we are accused of we fenced off ...

figaro: your administration challenges presidential election results. is american democracy capable of surviving this political crisis? mike pompeo: during the transition period ...


alexander zubchenko
случай мелкий, но довольно неожиданный: ведущий телеканала «прямой» мыкола вересень в прямом (извините за тавтологию) эфире обозвал лидирующую «порохоботку», любимицу…
Чужой газ в ПХГ «помог» повысить цены

foreign gas in pkhg "helped" to raise prices

another our assumption was confirmed. after another increase in gas prices in november, following similar surges in september, and ...
Популизм после Трампа

post-trump populism

дональд трамп ещё не был президентом сша, когда превратился в героя телевизионного реалити-шоу, в котором главной была фраза: «вы уволены». сегодня американский народ уволил…
Вакцина века

vaccine of the century

before the october 25 elections, president of ukraine vladimir zelensky promised his own unique vaccine against coronavirus. on november 10, he discussed with the chancellor ...
«Дай миллион!» Андрей Юраш: вилла за $1000000 и долги за коммунальные

"give me a million!" andrey yurash: a villa for $ 1,000,000 and debts for ...

at the end of september, the cabinet of ministers of ukraine created a new subdivision in the structure of the cmu secretariat - a department responsible for government policy in …

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