Квест для нации

quest for the nation

галина акимова
bingo! according to recent opinion polls, 80% of respondents have no idea how to vote according to the new system in local elections, which…
Наука выбирать–4. КПСС по-сингапурски

science to choose – 4. cpsu in singapore

galina akimova
after a pause, we conclude our international election review. we have already talked about the municipal filter in russia; luck that suddenly fell out for the "green" ...
Зе End: обратный отсчет

the end: countdown

alexander zubchenko
in six days, the green grass will turn into a yellow pumpkin, which will burst from high intracranial pressure. i want to summarize the local results right away ...
Немедицинский каннабис

non-medical cannabis

alexander zubchenko
from memoirs of the first vice-speaker irina gerashchenko: “my god, how we ate at the front! hundreds of times sat down at the table with the heroes ...
Ядерно-биологическая миссия Филарета

filaret's nuclear-biological mission

alexander zubchenko
good news, guys: patriarch filaret, after lengthy hesitation and advice from experts, agreed to consecrate the nuclear tests of american fuel westinghouse. download…
Аллилуйя! Украинской науке...

hallelujah! ukrainian science ...

galina akimova
an event occurred yesterday that the ukrainian media did not pay attention to. the new president of the national academy of sciences of ukraine was elected, who replaced the deceased ...

columnist president

alexander zubchenko
ренессанс культуры – страшная, доложу я вам, вещь. «живые проявления нематериальной культуры являются важным компонентом кросс-культурного диалога поколений», – специально…


alexander zubchenko
having entered an unnamed hospital with a diagnosis of asymptomatic coronavirus, the fifth president of ukraine immediately discovered massive embezzlement of funds from the fight fund ...
Карабах и Украина: урок, который мы не выучили...

karabakh and ukraine: a lesson we didn't learn ...

galina akimova
everyone writes about karabakh, and we go there too. it is strange that the fighting did not begin until september 27th. usually they started in ...
Случай на путях

case on the paths

alexander zubchenko
it goes without saying that the priority mission of all organs the authorities of ukraine are investigating the circumstances of the mysterious death of an employee of the us embassy in kiev, ...
Гордость нации

pride of the nation

alexander zubchenko
proud of my country. well, and a dog, of course, which i do not have. ukraine dictates its unyielding will to the usa and everything else ...
Голубые каски Украины

blue helmets of ukraine

alexander zubchenko
i immediately came up with a plan for a peaceful settlement of the armenian-azerbaijani conflict. it was enough to read the posts on facebook of some of the nation's outstanding thinkers, ...
Оскар наш!

oscar is ours!

alexander zubchenko
brilliant work of an unknown ukrainian director vasyanovich has one hundred percent chances to win the main award of the american film academy "oscar" in all, with ... ka…
Почему клиенты боятся «Инюрполиса»? Или несколько слов об «адвокате» Семочкине

why are clients afraid of inyurpolis? or a few words about "lawyer" semochkin

victoria kurennaya
one of the most charming movie characters who embodied the images of a "good or bad" lawyer, as he said: “legal practice is a disgusting occupation, forcing opponents to do ...
Конвертоплан дружбы народов

tiltrotor of peoples' friendship

alexander zubchenko
today, on september 23, two american cv-22b osprey tiltrotors flew over the capital of sovereign, independent, conciliar and through european ukraine. pissed at ...
Стена для президента

a wall for the president

alexander zubchenko
political inclination suicide is in the program of the presidential party. i mean a set of consistent actions aimed at the most effective contact ...
Жертва репрессий

victim of repression

alexander zubchenko
«зеленый» нардеп саша юрченко пал жертвой жуткого казуса понимания, имеющего под собой огромную правовую лакуну в виде, с…ка, коллизии норм…
PEP, да не тот: банки влипли в скандал с «общественным реестром»

pep , but not the same: banks got stuck in a scandal with "public ...

galina akimova
two months ago we described in detail how banks for no apparent reason they start to "nightmare" their clients - so ...


alexander zubchenko
the illegitimate regime of the dictator lukashenko continues to arrange vile provocations against the once brotherly people, that is, us. on our belarusian cordons today ...
Наука выбирать-1. Фильтрация по-русски

science choose-1. filtering in russian

galina akimova
it's never too late to learn. especially on other people's mistakes and experience. in ukraine it is not accepted, but you can try. at least ...
Актуальная история для белорусской флейты

actual history for the belarusian flute

alexander zubchenko
abduction , chase, kgb diode flashlight, jump into the window "behi", torn passport. finally, ukraine has become a full-fledged participant in the belarusian events. before that ...
Звонок недругу

call to the enemy

alexander zubchenko
minister of foreign affairs of ukraine dmitry kuleba put on the most elegant embroidered shirt that he inherited from his now deceased grandfather, trained in front of the mirror ...
Шабаш киевских ведьм

sabbath of kiev witches

alexander zubchenko
so much money has already been spent on the shooting of the commercial for irina vereshchuk (the candidate from the "servants" for the position of kiev mayor) that will be enough for ...
Рождение сливного бачка

the birth of a flush cistern

alexander zubchenko
great muralist of our time, laureate of the usaid prize for outstanding contribution to the identification of the nation and sexual minorities , honest and uncompromising fighter ...

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