alpha male

alexander zubchenko
the theory of neo-colonialism is more relevant than ever. how could i have thought, when i was lazily listening to a lecture in the auditorium on the third floor of the red building ...
Плохая сказка

bad story

alexander zubchenko
on the first day of winter, the girl yulia went to the cemetery to visit her grandmother. she, of course, was not a girl for a long time. sixth ...
Ирпенское пике министра финансов

irpen pike of the minister of finance

nikolay ostroukhov
minister of finance sergey marchenko instead of dealing with a budget, which will soon have no money left for mousetraps for those who died from ...
Переполох в «соросятнике»

a commotion in the "sorosyatnik"

alexander zubchenko | || 169
i have long wanted to write an article in wikipedia about the "soros". this term has firmly entered the political science conceptual apparatus, and without it already ...
Первый кассетный...

the first cassette ...

galina akimova
20th anniversary of the first and most shocking political scandal in the modern history of ukraine - "cassette". it is now that we have become sophisticated ...


alexander zubchenko
hard times came for the "pig farm" of peter alekseevich. his bot factory, led by crowbars (like opinion leaders) is almost ...
Это фиаско, братан!

this is a fiasco, bro!

alexander zubchenko
i fully share the concerns of the gunmen, in particular taras chornovil, about the disgusting electoral behavior of the inhabitants of the cultural capital of the world and ukraine, the city ...
Острая кислородная недостаточность

acute oxygen deficiency

galina akimova
i don't know about you , but i have a clear feeling that we have an epidemic not of covid-19, but of a massive mental ...


alexander zubchenko || | 199
this case is small, but rather unexpected: the host of the "direct" tv channel mykola veresen in the live (sorry for the tautology) broadcast called the leading "powder-binder", a favorite ...
Вакцина века

vaccine of the century

before the october 25 elections, president of ukraine vladimir zelensky promised his own unique vaccine against coronavirus. on november 10, he discussed with the chancellor ...
«Дай миллион!» Андрей Юраш: вилла за $1000000 и долги за коммунальные

"give me a million!" andrei yurash: a villa for $ 1,000,000 and debts for ...

at the end of september, the cabinet of ministers of ukraine created a new subdivision within the structure of the cmu secretariat - a department responsible for government policy in …


alexander zubchenko
government secretariat fell ill with the "crown" almost in full force. the confidant of the shmygal, "gun-loader", reported this with delight on a round face ...
Донбасс. Планов громадье

donbass. huge plans

galina akimova
last friday, november 13, an online meeting of "normandy format" advisers was held. again they did not agree on anything. stumbling block - three ...
Восставшие из цифрового ада

digital hellraisers

alexander zubchenko
a huge number of letters in the mail, questions in instant messengers, constant calls: what happened to the "versions"? they are not loaded! now you can ...
Ноябрь-1991: пляски капитализма на похоронах Союза

november-1991: dances of capitalism at the funeral of the union

these days we go through past the historical dates that completely changed the course of our life in 1991. only unlikely ...
Социопат (социолог-патриот)

sociopath (sociologist-patriot)

most honest and uncompromising of all sociological offices is the "social" of igor gryniv. no, really. regardless of the mood in the society of gnawing ...
Предвестники майдана

harbingers of the maidan

alexander zubchenko
"blyakhari" sniffed with foots and muddied the prototype of the maidan near the rada. the movement has been going on for the fourth day. the whole street of hrushevsky is periodically blocked,…
Американский алтарь

american altar

alexander zubchenko
today is a special day that will go down in history. in the morning i immediately felt that something was coming. and exactly. "blyakhari" blocked the whole center ...

dead end

alexander zubchenko
" there is excitement on the pea street, zelensky is arming the entire security council. " of course, the street is not pea, as in the original rosenbaum, but a bank street. but it turns out ...
«Н» – независимость

"n" - independence

alexander zubchenko
1 october, president vladimir zelensky, in an interview with a chinese news agency with a semi-decent name, expressed a fervent hope for “giving a new impetus ...
Полупустой стакан Зеленского

half-empty glass of zelensky

alexander zubchenko || | 267
i don’t see president zelensky happily commenting on the results of the historic vote that confirmed ukraine’s european choice. probably awaiting the official registration of the protocol of the electoral ...

miracle protein

alexander zubchenko
today is the last day of the election campaign. tomorrow the faces hanging on the pillars, which are a modern illustration to the book of lombroso “types of criminals ...
Квест для нации

quest for the nation

galina akimova
bingo! according to recent opinion polls, 80% of respondents have no idea how to vote according to the new system in local elections, which…
Наука выбирать–4. КПСС по-сингапурски

science to choose – 4. cpsu in singapore

galina akimova
after a pause, we conclude our international election review. we have already talked about the municipal filter in russia; luck that suddenly fell out "green" ...

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