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sofas that are produced by furniture factories differ in design features, build quality, materials of execution, the category of fabrics used and design. stylish and comfortable furniture will create a special mood of hospitality and peace in any room. if an option is also selected for a comfortable bed, you should pay attention to the accordion sofa , which does not take up much space and will be ideal for small spaces.

what is an accordion sofa and what makes the model special

this model got an unusual name due to a special transformation. if the furniture is folded, it resembles the accordion of a musical instrument. two-thirds of the mattress is occupied by the back of the model. the third that remains acts as a seat. it is to it that the support legs are attached, thanks to which the structure stands securely when unfolded.

these are small sofas made for two seats, which are closed at the bottom with a support. the latter has a sliding part. when folded, the model has a deep soft back, which consists of a two-layer mattress. armrests are raised above the berth when folded at the structure, and the back is completely lowered at this moment.

with the help of armrests the craftsmen try to give the structure an original and unique design. the latter are prefabricated and solid, hard or soft, combined, curved, single-layer of the same material and straight.

design features of the "accardion" model

the model is based on a fairly simple mechanism. folding the structure is very simple:

  • the edge of the mattress is lifted,
  • is pressed on the support and the structure is pushed towards the body,
  • the mattress moves until it clicks.

to unfold the sofa, the seat must be raised. if everything is correct, a click is emitted. then you need to pull the mattress towards you until it unfolds completely and smoothly lies on the support.

such a structure can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds, even a child can do it. it is a reliable, stable and durable system that is suitable for intensive use. a heavy load is not terrible for furniture.

it is not recommended to install accordion sofas in rooms with floor coverings that can be easily damaged. feet and supports may leave unusual scratches. designers for such cases offer improved models that have legs with wheels.

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