the second round of mayoral elections was not rational - the support

the so-called "second round" of local elections did not justify the hopes placed on it both by the organizers and sides of the authors of the legislation on local elections. this was announced during a briefing by the chairman of the civil network support olga aivazovskaya.

“the election results showed that re-voting is not a rational tool for determining the absolute winner. that is, in almost all communities, the candidates who gained the maximum number of votes in the first round won. at the same time, in absolute numbers, the number of voters who voted for them is less than on 25 october. that is, the second vote did not give us any surprises. did not ensure the change of leaders to the post of chairpersons of ex. and did not create any new unique competitive conditions for conducting the election campaign on the eve of the vote. the overwhelming majority of candidates were involved in organizing, administering and participating in the formation of election commissions or other aspects of their activities, after the first round and preparation for the re-voting, "aivazovskaya said.

according to the support, in 11 cities where voting took place, the total voter turnout was 29.23%. while in the first round of voting, a parallel calculation of the turnout from the support showed the result of 35.9%.

"we see a decrease in the turnout, but it is quite high compared to november 15 by 6% and compared to 2015, when the majority system of absolute majority was also applied in communities with 90 thousand voters," she concluded head support.

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