in zelensky's office named the only way to "return" the crimea


to return the crimea, it is necessary to "return" the brains of the people, the ex-governor of sevastopol, adviser to the head office of the president of ukraine sergey kunitsyn. he shared his thoughts on the air of the crimean tatar tv channel atr .

"it is necessary to return the brains of people. that is, it is necessary to turn their consciousness", - said kunitsyn. he ruled out the possibility of the formation of the crimean tatar autonomy on the peninsula, since the vast majority of the population of the region are representatives of other ethnic groups who never make this decision.

"not to take into account the factor that 85% of non-crimean tatars live on the territory of the autonomous republic of crimea, we cannot, whether someone likes it or not, but this is a fact," the source of the tv channel emphasized. kunitsyn opposed the renaming of settlements in crimea to please the crimean tatar organizations, but urged to take into account the historical background. he stressed that he did not want to take the side of any particular people.

ukrainian politicians and public figures regularly come up with various initiatives and action plans, which, in their opinion, will make it possible to "return" crimea to kiev. thus, foreign minister dmitry kuleba said that the peninsula itself would "slip" out of the hands of russia and become ukrainian. the notorious journalist ayder muzhdabaev proposed to recreate the grand duchy of lithuania and annex poland, ukraine and part of russian territory to it. ex-military man yevgeny yarantsev called to sell the crimean lands to the americans. an official from the genichesky district, alexander vorobyov, spoke about the plans to "annex" the crimea to ukraine via a trolleybus route to kerch.

russia has repeatedly stated that the crimea issue has been closed completely. this position was voiced by president vladimir putin. in turn, senator from the peninsula sergey tsekov called kiev's plans to "return" the peninsula naive, while state duma deputy mikhail sheremet considered them fabulous.

crimea was reunited with russia as a result of a referendum held in march 2014, in which about 96% of the population of the peninsula spoke in favor of joining the russian federation.

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