the brain reported how many ukrainians die from the effects of smoking every day

in ukraine, tobacco use is one of the main causes of premature death.

about 85,000 ukrainians die annually from diseases caused by smoking, that is, an average of 230 people a day. this was announced by the public health center under the ministry of health.

"according to the recently presented results of the steps study, in ukraine the prevalence of smoking among adults (18-69 years old) is 34%, and among men it is three times higher," the report says.

also, doctors note the dubious safety of a new tool in the tobacco industry - electronic devices for smoking, which are positioned as less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

"they are becoming more prevalent, especially among adolescents and young people. however, independent research shows that e-tobacco products are not as safe as their manufacturers claim. they can pose a serious threat to both the health of the smoker and and the people around him, "the message says.

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