the kremlin responded to bogdan's call to take a "step back" in the situation with the donbass

press secretary of russian president vladimir putin andrey peskov responded to the call of andriy bogdan, ex-head of the office of president of ukraine volodymyr zelensky, to take a "step back" in the situation with donbass.

reported by "ria news" .

thus, during an interview with ksenia sobchak, andrei bogdan said that russia should take a "step back", because the introduction of a special status for donbass in the constitution could cause massive protests in ukraine. by "step back" he meant "re-signing of the minsk agreements."

at the same time, according to a kremlin official, in order to improve the situation with donbass, the minsk agreements must be observed, and any other proposals only slow down the process.

"you understand, there is no need to take a step back or a step forward, it is necessary to fulfill the obligations assumed by each party. everything is extremely simple here," peskov said.

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