in the state duma of the russian federation explained the importance of implementing the "steinmeier formula"

"steinmeier formula" gives guarantees of a peaceful settlement of the situation in donbass, ignoring it, kyiv once again shows that he is not going to fulfill the minsk agreements, elena panina, a member of the state duma committee on international affairs, told ria novosti.

earlier, the adviser on information policy of the ukrainian delegation in the trilateral contact group on donbass, aleksey arsenovich, said that the law on the special status of donbass would most likely be prolonged, but without including the "steinmeier formula" in it.

"the statement of the ukrainian side once again shows that kiev is not going to fulfill the minsk agreements." steinmeier formula "is the most important element of the negotiation process, since it is it that guarantees that instead of a peaceful settlement kiev will not be satisfied with another one" ato "(" anti-terrorist operation "- ed.)", - said panina to the agency.

she noted that in this situation, western sanctions imposed on the russian federation become absurd and senseless, proceeding from the logic of their initiators that the sanctions were supposedly to stimulate the russian federation to achieve a peaceful settlement.

"however, how can the minsk agreements be implemented if the ukrainian side demonstratively ignores them? it is time for our european partners to decide on their attitude to ukraine's actions. logically, or they convince kiev of the need to implement the minsk agreements in full volume, or it's time to lift sanctions from russia, "the parliamentarian stressed.

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