in the eu announced the timing of the start of vaccination against covid-19


vaccination against coronavirus in the european union is planned to start before the end of the year, said the head of the european commission ursula von der leyen, reported by press office of ek on wednesday 25 november.

she said she has already signed contracts with six companies to supply covid vaccines.

"the first citizens of europe can be vaccinated by the end of december. finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel," said von derleien.

she urged eu member states to prepare for vaccination.

"member states must prepare the logistics for the possible deployment of hundreds of millions of doses. because this is our ticket out of this pandemic," said the head of the european commission.

turkey is also planning to start vaccinations in december, haberler writes.

"we hope that next month we will be able to carry out the first vaccine applications," said turkish president recep tayyip erdogan.

turkey intends to start using its coronavirus vaccine in the spring.

"we plan to bring our vaccine to the application level no later than april. we think to offer the vaccine that we have developed for the benefit of all mankind," erdogan said.

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