diego maradona died

the 1986 world cup champion, argentinean diego maradona, has died at 61, tn reported. argentina football association on twitter has confirmed the death of a football player. as reported by tn, on october 30 he was taken to the hospital for medical examination. later it became known that maradona underwent brain surgery. the football player was discharged on november 12.

according to perfil newspaper, cardiac arrest could have been the cause of death. according to her, maradona's blood pressure dropped dramatically, at that moment he was with his family. ambulance doctors were unable to save the football player.

in connection with the death of maradona, argentine president alberto fernández has declared three days of mourning in the country.

diego armando maradona was born on october 30, 1960, in the suburb of buenos aires, villa fiorito. at the age of three he received a soccer ball as a gift and devoted all his time to the game. at the age of 10 he got into the children's team "los sebolitas" - the youth section of the football club "archentinos juniors", in the main squad of which he made his debut at less than 16 years old. in 1977, diego began playing for the national team.

in 1981, maradona was acquired by the argentinean boca juniors for $ 3.6 million. in 1982, after the world cup, he signed his first overseas contract with barcelona (spain). the transfer amount was 1.2 million pesetas ($ 8 million) - it became the most expensive in the history of football at that time. during his stay at the club, the footballer played 73 matches and scored 45 goals. as part of barcelona, ​​maradona won the spanish cup and the spanish league cup.

in 1984, maradona made the transition to the italian club napoli. in italy (1984-1991) he spent the best years of his football career. in 1991, the footballer was disqualified for 15 months - doping control found traces of cocaine in his blood.

the last years (1995-1997) of his sports career, the player spent in the argentine club "boca juniors", played 29 matches, scored 7 goals. the official date of his last match is considered to be october 25, 1997, when diego entered the field against the river plate team. on october 30, on his 37th birthday, maradona announced his retirement.

after completing his playing career, maradona worked as a sports commentator, acted as an expert in sports programs. from 2008 to 2010 he was the head coach of the argentine national team.

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