uefa will decide on the switzerland vs. ukraine match next week

Футбольный мяч

no decision will be made on the fate of the final uefa nations league group match between the national teams of switzerland and ukraine today, as previously reported. the parties must submit written explanations to the uefa for the failed lucerne game by monday 23 november.

football 24 reports this.

the control and disciplinary committee, after a detailed study of all available materials, should make a final decision next week.

the ukrainian side must add to the case the results of the tests of its delegation, which the team passed after returning to kiev. they are all negative, including two players who tested positive in alfalfa.

the match of the last round did not take place due to the decision of the medical authorities of alfalfa, where the game was to take place, to send the entire ukrainian team to quarantine. although the team of andrei shevchenko was ready to play, because it included more than 13 players with a negative test for coronavirus.

the chief physician of lucerne explained his decision by the fact that the situation with the coronavirus in the team has become uncontrollable in recent days.

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