trump can pardon manaforta, - cnn

Пол Манафорт

in the united states of america can pardon several former aides of the incumbent president of the united states donald trump. in particular, may pardon michael flynn and paul manafort.

about this reported by cnn citing sources.

flynn is one of the most likely candidates for a pardon, the channel reported. can also pardon george papadopoulos and manafort floor.

however, according to cnn sources, trump's decision may still change. although he previously said that his assistants, convicted on the basis of the "russian" case, became "victims of a political" scam. "

george papadopoulos - a former assistant to trump. he was found guilty of that he gave deliberately false testimony to the fbi agents who were investigating russia's interference in the 2016 us elections.

he tried to hide or downplay his contacts with russian representatives, one of whom offered to provide trump with information to discredit hillary clinton .

paul manafort worked as a presidential campaign consultant for the republican party, and from june to august 2016 served as head of the campaign for donald trump. 2018 was convicted of tax and banking fraud and since january 2019 lost his license to practice law.manafort also lobbied for the interests of ex-president of ukraine viktor yanukovych.

michael flynn - former national security adviser to the president donal good trump. held this position in 2017, was forced to resign from the post of adviser to the president in connection with illegal contacts with the ambassador of russia sergei kislyak.

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