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yesterday, by a constitutional majority of 320 votes, draft law no. 4439-d was adopted, with which the verkhovna rada postponed for one year the total introduction of cash registers for individual entrepreneurs (fop). other requirements of the protesters were fulfilled: abolition of cashback; reducing the list of risky businesses; linking all limits to the minimum wage. but they are still not happy. "the postponement of the execution is not the abolition of the execution" - say the fopps. sensing the weakness of the authorities, its opponents clearly got a taste ...

the issue of complex accounting of transactions using electronic cash registers or, as they are called, has been brewing for a long time, but has not been resolved for many years. previous regimes - popular and anti-popular - never dared to bring to mind one of the most unpopular fiscal reforms. and only an enthusiastic green mono-majority was able to vote in turbo mode shortly after the parliamentary elections, law no. 129-ix, which provides for the so-called fiscalization of 2-4 group fop operations.

why didn't crowds of protesters come to the square then? firstly, the opposition was demoralized and not ready to gather extras. secondly, the crowd did not aspire to the rallies, since the law was to be introduced only a year later - in october 2020. and in our conditions it is "either the emir dies, or the donkey dies."

by the way, this is what happened: within the framework of the "anti-coronavirus" package of laws in support of business, the mandatory application of the ppo was postponed to january 1, 2021 for "risk groups" and to april 1, 2021 (instead of january 1) for all others ...

but the hour x has come, and no new transfer has been drawn. there is no money in the budget and it is not known what we wrote about for two days in a row. moreover, it is unfair when, in times of crisis, an honest business like llc pays 22% of eu and a bunch of other taxes to the budgets of different levels. and the dishonest one divided into hundreds of fops that pay 5% yen plus one thousand hryvnias of eu with an annual turnover of 5-7 million for each. and at the same time refuse to keep records of their activities.

but then the question arises: how not to throw out the child with water? how to distinguish between real microbusiness and “pseudofop-bias”: the notorious supermarkets, fashionable restaurants, electronics stores, drugstore chains or large online stores.

теоретики говорят: подходы к фискализации по этим группам должны быть разными. практики отвечают: да, мы согласны. но выписать в законодательстве нормы, которые проведут четкую грань между реальным микробизнесом самозанятых лиц и работой крупного бизнеса с использованием схемы фоп, и не будут трактоваться двояко, почти нереально. если бы задача была простая, ее бы решили еще 10 лет назад.

максимум, что можно сделать в этих условиях — отложить введение новых норм и попытаться еще раз подумать над трактовками. а вдруг появится гений, который сможет изобрести уникальную формулу? именно эту цель и преследует президентский  законопроект об отсрочке рро. но почему он не устраивает фопов?

потому что на самом деле их цель не настоящий микробизнес спасти, а тех самых «схемщиков». поэтому они больше всего боятся чудес законодательной алхимии.  дельнее об этом написал журналист евгений плинский, который обычно специализируется на таможенных темах. очень дельная статья . чтобы понять происходящее в общих чертах, достаточно прочитать плинского. итак, цитируем самые важные фрагменты:

«есть в украине такое протестное движение — «saveфоп». движение якобы мелкого бизнеса, которое борется против двух очень важных для страны законов № 128 и № 129. первый закон касается электронной фискализации, ну, это когда при продаже любых товаров вам дают фискальный (кассовый) чек, и налоговая видит такую продажу.

а второй закон касается «кешбэка», механизма, который позволяет покупателям самостоятельно фиксировать нарушения бизнесом кассовой дисциплины. например, вы купили новый телефон, продавец вам чек не дал, вы написали обращение в налоговую и государство, оштрафовав продавца, компенсировало вам стоимость телефона.

законы не простые, сложные,  но в рамках детенизации экономики  очень необходимые. сегодня около 50% бизнеса у нас в тени, они не платят налоги, реализуют контрабандой ввезенный товар и поймать их на этом практически невозможно.

большинство крупного бизнеса в украине от сетей электроники, до магазинов одежды тотально работают в тени, используя как прикрытие мелкий бизнес. они открывают на своих сотрудников фопов, платят фиксированный налог, не показывают происхождение товара и не платят налог на прибыль.

вот один из самых ярких примеров такой работы. крупнейшая сеть магазинов электроники «цитрус» под прикрытием открытых на сотрудников фопов реализует товар мимо налогообложения.

and so these two laws almost completely break this scheme. now, even when selling goods through such fops, you need to issue a fiscal receipt, as well as have a set of primary documentation confirming the origin of the goods.

everyone benefits from this, except for schemers like "citrus", who organized a protest of small fops in order to force president zelensky to initiate the repeal of these laws.

from the outside, this protest looks very real, and it seems that the sellers of rural shops and outlets in the markets who came to the rally under the op-eds firmly believe that they are about to be deprived of a simplified form of taxation and destroy the country's small business.

but it isn't. behind the protests there is a large and schematic business, which is beaten by these laws. using small fopps who do not really understand what is happening, as well as using the services of professional adventurers and activists, they create an image of popular protest.

by the way, look how quickly the opposition and political forces-losers like "freedom" came running to this feast. we can talk a lot about who and how organizes the savefop protests, and i will do it, but in stages.

here is the main face of the protest and the organizer of the rallies under the op - sergei dorotic. the people whom sergei gathers for rallies are not entirely aware that their protest is sergei's business project. the very slogan savefop with which people walk the streets is a trademark, which sergei dorotic is now registering in his name. registration of a trademark gives its rightholder a monopoly on its use. in fact, dorotic monopolized the protest of small business and the protection of the fop in ukraine. it is important to understand that the commercialization of the protest under this brand is an absolutely real scheme ... ".

indeed, all anti-presidential political forces, from the above-mentioned "freedom" and other outsiders to the influential "european solidarity" of petro poroshenko, "dived" under the protests of small fops, paid for by big schematic business. nina yuzhanina, his permanent tax expert, member of the eu faction and member of the relevant parliamentary committee, is actively involved in the process.

under the influence of the rivals of the ze-team, the fopps expanded their requirements and, in addition to canceling the introduction of mandatory cash registers, they wanted (and eventually received, - the author) linking the limits for simplified people to the minimum wage; a moratorium on inspections of microbusiness before the tax reform (!), permanent consultations with microbusiness on all tax issues, etc.

this is a bad scenario for the ze-power - she showed weakness. the only way to go through the entire reform to the end (if the authorities were sure that they were right) was to vote in the hall, despite the cries of the crowd under the windows. as they say, the dog barks - the caravan moves on.

but the “greens” surrendered one outpost after another, and thus further provoked their opponents. and those who have economic interests (read - selfish), and those who have political. it is known that appetite comes with eating. there is no doubt that, having tasted the sweet fruits of a partial victory, the opponents of the authorities will continue to attack their positions.

by the way, do you know why the constitution does not allow referendums on taxation issues? because to the question: "do you want to give more money to the state and keep less for yourself?" the conscientious ukrainian people will never answer positively. this cannot be in our country, because it can never be.

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