sociopath (sociologist- patriot)

of all the sociological offices, the most honest and uncompromising is igor gryniv's "socialist". no, really. regardless of the mood in the society, gryniv clearly and truthfully measures the constantly growing rating of petro poroshenko, for whom gerashchenko works in the sweat of his brow as a court sociologist, political scientist and part-time speechwriter. i respect the position. honest "shopper". does not disguise itself, does not cave in under the changing electoral mood. so when sots publishes the results of their research, you don't even need to read them. and so everything is clear: “eurosolidarity” is confidently and powerfully catching up with the party of “servants” who are losing their ratings, and personally petr alekseevich is still slightly behind zelensky in the nomination “future president”. still gryniv hesitates to simulate the results of the second round of the presidential election, in which 90 to 150 percent of voters, including those who died as a result of the covid epidemic in the united states, vote for the "syvocholy" in a single rush. but i think that soon the irreplaceable leader and founder of "sotsis" will cast aside all sorts of sociological prejudices and "design effects" that are useless to anyone. and you know i was right. literally when i was writing this material, the results of the "research" of the court sociologist poroshenko appeared. with predicted modeling of the results of the first and second rounds of the presidential elections. so far zelensky is winning, but very uncertainly. but the "hetman" has great potential. in the second round, 42% of honest ukrainians are ready to support him with tears of joy in their eyes. the current president is supported by 58% so far. and then with disgust. but that's for now. a little more, and petr alekseevich will confidently win in the first round. this, i think, is the correct and principled position. other sociological offices are trying to portray themselves as innocent girls in their third decade of active political life with a constant change of partners. almost wrote a sexual one, but this is already implied. lyrical digression (you don't need to read it). i was lucky to catch the era of the formation of the sociological business. when shy and modest academic institutions, put on the brink of survival, often resembling a full-fledged tombstone, were forced to bargain with polls. the first cunningly ... dedicated intermediaries from the renaissance fund appeared, which laid the foundations of the industry of socioprostitution. in the nineties, in order to earn his daily bread, he worked as a sociologist, fortunately at the university we had a corresponding course, which i really liked. i even went to some scientific conferences, where i met the now deceased bekeshkina. but the dead are either only good or nothing. therefore, i will not write anything about bespal ilka kucheriva either. the remnants of an academic conscience forced us then to prepare very seriously for surveys. i remember they instructed me to write a hypothesis for a sociological research. this is the foundation of the basics. delicate work. now they don't. and i was just celebrating a housewarming. rented an interesting apartment from asya solomonovna in svyatoshino. the area was very depressing. did not pay attention to the mysterious phrase of the hostess about the pantry in which some unnamed people "keep their things." as it turned out, he didn't pay in vain. the owners of the kiosk in the courtyard turned out to be “kind people”. then these small architectural forms served as supermarkets. everything was on sale there. from keglevich vodka with ripe blueberry flavor to video cassettes. in my pantry, as it were, “good people” kept goods, which they came for at any time of the day or night. they had their own keys, so these visits didn't bother me much. although at first strained. well, the saleswomen ran to take a piss in my toilet. they also had their own keys. the only visitor to my apartment who did not have the keys was a healthy fawn cat with a broken ear. he came through a window, since the apartment was on the first floor. at first i did not pay attention to the bowl in the corner of the kitchen either. in vain. in the morning i ran into nose to nose with the cat, who looked at me reproachfully: they say, what are you, nit, you didn't bother about the animal? in short, we had breakfast with the cat than god will send, at night some people were poking around in the pantry, who sometimes left me in the hallway a bar of cool brand mars chocolate. i worked during the day, and one evening my friend, a walking designer, came to housewarming with a liter bottle of completely burned "absolute". at first he was surprised at the frequent visits of girls under fifty to the toilet, then he got used to it, like me and the cat. the three of us crushed this muck, although the cat tactfully refused, leaning mainly on sausage cut into thick pieces. and when everything was already fine, a thought pierced my head: a hypothesis, b ... be! we then did a poll to the local one. an insignificant politician of the nineties, who was either a deputy or a president. also, by the way, a "soroset". but then the proximity to the revival fund was very much appreciated. for the hypothesis he paid as much as thirty bucks. huge money for those times. so i set my alarm for five in the morning and, waking up in the state of a man trampled by a herd of insane buffalo, sat down at a computer with a pentium-286 processor. the black-and-white screen glowed with a green cursor, and the head was pristinely empty. the cat disappeared on its urgent matters, walking and snoring on the sofa, and there was no one to help me. it was in such conditions that the hypothesis of the "ukrainian kennedy" was born. supposedly in society there is a demand for young politicians with progressive thinking, which must be identified and creatively satisfied. the text went easily and quickly. hastily rewrote the file to a "floppy disk" and fed the cat, drove him to the meeting. already on the way i realized that walking was left alone and without a key. but the girls should come to the toilet soon, so it won't be lost. and the first floor. the cat will tell you the way out. on the subway, a terrible thought struck me: kennedy was shot! what if the customer decides that i predict his death from a bullet of harvey oswald? although they write that there were three shooters. it was too late to redo, so i had to worry. however, it ended very well. lanovoy was delighted with the "ukrainian kennedy" and "new faces". a few decades later, this alcoholic abuse turned out to be in demand at the next stage in the development of the political spiral, irresistibly tending to the anus. and now let us resolutely set aside the memories of asya solomonovna that are not needed by anyone. kiev international institute of sociology is one of the dinosaurs of ukrainian sociology. paniotto, hmelko - these are representatives of the old sociological school, so to speak, old school. therefore they are very shy about taking money. they still have such an outdated sense of guilt. no, not that they refuse. god forbid! but they try to somehow keep the illusion of decency. these guys from the "rating" have completely lost their fear. in general, they perform everything for a fee, even the "victory of palchevsky". pure price, without any imitations of the academic approach. kmis, i repeat, still retained the remnants of shyness. so when i saw the results of their november survey, i was slightly surprised. drunkenly very subtly feels the euro-atlantic vector of development of our country. he spent so much money to “increase the number of supporters of joining nato and the eu” that he could buy out groisman's barge with kherson watermelons. and still on a mansion in antibes (cote d'azur) will remain. more precisely, there is no longer any, since it is very expensive to maintain real estate in the eu. ask rinat leonidovich. he will tell you how he suffers with the palace of the belgian king. but here i look at the numbers and do not understand anything. the number of supporters of european integration is falling, less than 50 percent of those wishing to join the coveted nato. moreover, 13% of supporters of a military alliance with russia (odkb) appeared. more than half of the respondents hope for the restoration of friendly ties with russia; supporters of "war to the bitter end" constitute an absolute minority. again, more than fifty percent for direct negotiations with the dpr, lpr and russia. but this is not the worst thing. medvedchuk's "opposition platform" has boldly outstripped the "servant of the people" in the rating of parties. i reread it twice. thought maybe he ate something. no, everything is for sure: if the elections were held in november, the "platform" would gain 22.1%. in second place is the "syvocholy", whose "dog" collects 19.3%, and the presidential party sniffs the electoral dust with its eighteen percent. this is the first opinion poll in which the opposition occupies a leading position in the national rating. third place belongs to the "presidential force", which was the absolute leader last summer ... it's a fiasco, bro! having digested the information i received about the shocking offensive of the "kremlin fifth column", i carefully open the presidential rating. he is also quite unusual. zelensky has 33.3%. i am at a loss as to where volodya got it from. perhaps at the expense of cannabis legalization advocates. "whey", like the roast, is in second place (17.3%). but his rating is less than that of his own political party, consisting of extremely suspicious individuals - gerashchenko, aryev, the same syumar. in fourth place (after tymoshenko) yuri boyko (10.5%). unexpectedly i meet the name of another leader of the "opposition platform": medvedchuk's rating in just a couple of months has grown from 6.4% to 8.8%. the girls are dancing interestingly: there are two representatives of the "opposition platform" in the leaders of the nationwide presidential rating. do you know what the "powder robots" did first? through incredible intellectual efforts, they put together the ratings of medvedchuk and smartly and came to the conclusion that the study of kmis was ordered. well, the sum of the percentages of the opposition cannot exceed the number of stubborn supporters of "churchill". but it exceeds! i also thought about the research customers for some time. came to the conclusion that the shy "blue sociologists" integrated to the kneecaps in the european space and nato will not take money from the opposition. they will take a laugh. the "sorsyat" from the "voice" - no problem at all. and if you pay attention to the abnormally high indices of "condom strength" and "soros", then you yourself can come to a similar conclusion. again, i personally have serious suspicions about the head of the office of president ermak, who sends messengers with cash to all offices. forms a "positive image" of zelensky. it also means that he will launch his video cover, and in general it will be 35%. but the general alignment of political forces is a manifestation of the remnants of the "conscience" of the leaders of the kmis. the trends of recent months have already become too prominent. they are usually formulated in the social research hypothesis. first: "zelensky threw everyone in peace." the clowning with the ukrainian delegation in the shopping center, when a bisexual “gunman” arrestedovich became the speaker, and the representatives of donbass, the clowns “granoeaters” from the publication of the us embassy “ostrov”, did not go unnoticed. especially the proposal to create concentration camps for interned residents of donetsk and luhansk regions. therefore, there is no reason to be surprised at the strengthening of the positions of medvedchuk, the boldly and “opposition platform”. they do not arrange a circus with the placement of british bases and the purchase of decommissioned british armored boats, do not run to congratulate the "cemetery leader" biden on a "historic victory", do not call to honor the "american ukrainians" john pynduluk and others who defeated germany in world war ii. medvedchuk created a working parliamentary format for conducting the minsk talks without the involvement of "gunmen". the deputies of the bundestag, the french national assembly, are not fake members of the ukrainian delegation. and not kravchuk with his senile plan. the second: at the level of the gag reflex, society rejects canine hairdressers and wedding photographers. the spiral made another turn and plunged the new faces even deeper into the place from where they emerged. “maidan values” are being replaced by memories of the golden times of “stagnation”, which were under the “alcoholic kuchma”. people then were just mad with fat. rapid growth in sales of cars, apartments, consumer electronics. medvedchuk, by the way, was one of the personifications of the “criminal regime of kuchma”. worked as the head of the presidential administration. and even earlier - he was the first vice-speaker of the rada. here is never a dog photographer. or a hairdresser. such a sociological hypothesis works. and the resulting "picture" already fits into the personal feelings of many. the "old-regime sociologists" sensed the tendencies and, since they were cowardly to the point of impossibility, did not dare to ignore them. this is my hypothesis of what happened in kmis. i think she's correct. alexander zubchenko
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