the polish sejm adopted a resolution supporting the rejection of linking the eu budget to the rule of law

the lower house of the polish parliament (sejm) on thursday adopted a resolution supporting the position of the republic's authorities, who opposed the mechanism for monitoring the rule of law, tied to the budget of the european union. during the vote, 236 deputies voted for the resolution, 209 were against.

"the sejm of the republic of poland welcomes the fact that the representatives of poland have blocked further work on the package of budgetary decisions," the text of the resolution proposed by the ruling in poland says party "law and justice" (pis). mps also call on eu member states and bodies to return to negotiations and reach an agreement in line with european treaties and the conclusions of the july eu summit.

according to deputy foreign minister of poland shimon shinkovsky wielsenk, the resolution may help the polish authorities in negotiations in the eu. "the resolution strengthens the government's negotiating mandate and the prime minister's position by clearly stating that the conditionality mechanism is, first of all, a mechanism that does not fall under the european union treaties and, therefore, is a formula for bypassing treaty provisions," he told reporters in the diet.

polish prime minister mateusz morawiecki, speaking on wednesday in the sejm, said that the mechanism for monitoring the observance of the rule of law, tied to the budget of the european union, at later stages could threaten the collapse of the eu. the head of the polish government did not rule out that poland could veto the eu budget because of this mechanism. the opposition of the republic has already stated that this will be the first step towards polexit (similar to brexit).

hungary and poland blocked the approval of a new eu budget plan of € 1,074.3 billion for the period from 2021 to 2027 and an extra-budgetary fund for economic recovery of the eu at the level of 750 billion euros, protesting against the decision to create from 2021 a mechanism for monitoring the observance of the rule of law in the countries of the community, so that budgetary allocations from brussels are distributed based on the results of this monitoring. the situation is aggravated by the fact that both countries at the eu summit in july agreed to include a mechanism for monitoring the observance of the rule of law in the eu in the eu budget plan.

earlier on wednesday, hungarian prime minister viktor orban substantiated his veto, accusing the authorities in brussels of intending to force hungary to abandon its policy of restricting immigration, including budapest's refusal to participate in eu schemes for the compulsory resettlement of migrants in the eu countries.

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