sandu did not recognize debts for russian gas supplies to transnistria

president of moldova, maya sandu, spoke in favor of a peaceful solution to the conflict in transnistria, declaring that chisinau refused to pay for delivered to the unrecognized republic of russian gas.

“only a peaceful solution to the transnistrian conflict should be found,” sandu said in an interview with “ukrainian truth”.

“i believe that one day there will also be a geopolitical opportunity for the reunification of moldova, and we must be ready for this. but in any case it should be a peaceful solution. it should be a solution that suits all of moldova. moreover, i am sure that this should be an action plan developed in moldova, coordinated with all political forces and with society, ”sandu said.

“i do not support the options proposed by (the incumbent president of moldova) igor dodon with his party of socialists. because, although they did not give clear proposals, they talked about federalization. i am sure that we will find a format for resolving the conflict. and it should include the complete withdrawal of russian troops from the territory of moldova. we have always talked about it, and we will talk about it in the future, ”the president-elect added.

she also stated: “transnistria is supported by russia. including - by deliveries of gas free of charge, and in many other ways. we will discuss and solve these problems with russia. moldova does not recognize its debt for russian gas supplies to transnistria ”.

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