who is ukraine with: europe or america?

a little geopolitical philosophy shouldn't hurt. of course, the main question in the midst of the celebration of the beginning of the maidan: who stole the money from the coronavirus fund? but on this topic you can argue endlessly. meanwhile france called on europe to ... restore sovereignty. this means a separation from nato, a bet on the euro and a new "not henpecked" relationship with the united states. germany is trying to play “ours and yours”, but at the final stage of the discussion will support france. ukraine will have to choose between europe and america. are we ready for this choice?

the change of the us president has become a reason for a dispute between france and germany about the real content of the idea of ​​strategic autonomy of the european union and the role of the united states as a guarantor of european security.

over the past few days, two iconic texts have been published in the analytical european media: an interview with french president emmanuel macron and an article by german defense minister annegret krump-karrenbauer.

they marked the beginning of a controversy about the feasibility of the french idea of ​​"strategic autonomy" of the european union, its ability to independently, without the united states, ensure its own security and increase its role in the international political arena.

the german defense minister, in the article "europe still needs america", published in politico, proves that "the eu has no other choice but to depend on a close partner, the united states." and cites, in her opinion, "sobering" facts, proving the impossibility of guaranteeing the defense of the european union without the help of the usa.

“without us nuclear and conventional weapons systems, neither germany nor europe as a whole can defend themselves. for the foreseeable future, the united states will remain the most important ally in the field of security and defense ... the illusion of european strategic autonomy must be ended ... because europeans will not be able to replace america as the decisive guarantor of security ... ”- said krump- carrenbauer.

in response, president macron said in an interview with le grand continent that the european union has already done a lot towards strengthening its sovereignty and strategic autonomy in order to "not become a vassal of this or that power and no longer have the right vote".

let's face it, this is a radical statement bordering on audacity and worth some additional discussion. and here it would not hurt to turn to the primary source. ukrainian mass media, due to their farming, did not pay due attention to the “macron doctrine”. the article was not analyzed by quotations and did not try to analyze. it is clear that momentary corruption problems are more urgent for us.

but the situation is developing in such a way that an intellectual massacre of our general sponsors - europe and the united states - is unfolding around us. for us to exist in these realities. and it does not interfere with at least approximately knowing what is at stake.

it is very symbolic that the article, more precisely, the interview of the president of france to le grand continent, is entitled la doctrine macron: une conversation avec le président français. at least the first two words are understandable without a dictionary. what is the macron doctrine? in short, the ambitious french leader suddenly remembered that the modern form of democracy was born in his country. as is the philosophy of enlightenment. and, in essence, called on the neighbors to stop being a “dumb vassal” of the united states. he is also worried about china's technological and industrial dominance.

some of the most significant excerpts from the interview:

“at the moment the european thread and strategic autonomy cannot be lost, the power that europe can have for itself ... i think this is the only way to assert our values ​​and our common voice, to avoid the sino-american duopoly, disintegration, return of hostile regional powers ... ”.

“three years ago, when i talked about european sovereignty and strategic autonomy, i was mistaken for a madman, and these ideas were called french fads. we managed to get things moving. these ideas have taken root in europe. "

“we have come to a european defense, which seemed unthinkable before. we are advancing in the area of ​​technological and strategic autonomy, although everyone was initially surprised by my claims of sovereignty in the 5g area ... ”.

"one should be guided by the ideas of european sovereignty and strategic autonomy in order to have influence on one's own, and not become a dumb vassal of one or another power."

“there is a lot of unreasonable things in europe. so, we have forgotten how to think in geostrategic terms, since we consider our geopolitical relations through the prism of nato ... ”.

“because of the history of france, this is less relevant than other countries, but such a superego still exists and i am fighting against it ...”

“europe is not just a market. over the past decades, it has been assumed that europe is a single market. but in our hearts we did not consider europe to be a complete political space. our currency is not complete. prior to the agreements signed this summer, we did not have a real budget and financial solidarity. we have not fully thought out the social themes that make us a single space ”.

“europe needs to build its own solutions and not depend on american and chinese technologies ... europe, as a political power, should offer solutions in the field of" cloud "technologies, because otherwise your data will be stored in an uncovered by its right space, as is happening now ...

“our information is in a“ cloud ”that is not regulated by european law, and in the event of a dispute, we will depend on the goodwill and work of american law ... ditto as for the extra-territoriality of the dollar, a phenomenon that did not emerge yesterday. "

“less than ten years ago, a number of french businesses were fined several billion euros because they operated in countries where it was prohibited by american law. this means that our enterprises can be punished by foreign powers for their activities in third countries: we are talking about the deprivation of sovereignty and the possibility of independent decision-making, about an incredible weakening ... ”.

“we were able to fully appreciate all the consequences of this when discussing iran. we europeans wanted to stay within the framework of the joint overarching plan of action. but the americans withdrew from it, and no european venture was able to trade with iran for fear of us sanctions. therefore, when i talk about strategic sovereignty and autonomy, i link all these topics, which at first glance seem to be far from each other. "

“however, one thing i'm sure of: we are not the united states of america. they are our historical ally, we, like them, sincerely value freedom and human rights, but we, for example, have a preference for equality, which is not in the united states. our values ​​do not quite coincide ... ”.

“to put it bluntly, the question we face now is: will the change in the american administration lead to the europeans weakening their efforts? for example, i strongly disagree with the article published in the politico by the german defense minister. i believe it contradicts history. fortunately, the chancellor takes a different course, if i understand the situation correctly ... ”

a little rough isn't it? europe has ventured to raise its voice and remind that it is not a satellite of the united states. that she has slightly different values, including social and ethical. dictated by history. they would like to maintain economic ties where the united states prohibits it. they admit that they themselves could defend themselves against an external enemy, without nato.

by the way, who is this enemy? russia? china? islamic terrorists? while the united states is counting votes in the presidential elections, france is virtually alone in dealing with the problem of aggressive islam.

we talked about the fact that the provincial mayor gerald darmanen, who recently became the head of the ministry of internal affairs of france, actually launched a french reconquista against aggressive islam. since our archive of articles has been demolished due to known circumstances, i can give a link to a reprint of this article on another site .

what is it about? france no longer intends to tolerate a situation in which "territories free of native french" appeared. organizations that were involved in the massive "import" of islamists into europe have been closed. migration services no longer rely on bureaucratic norms, but on the principle of revolutionary expediency. french police began to shoot ahead of time. war is so war.

macron recently issued a 15-day ultimatum to the french council of muslim faith (cfcm). he requires them to sign a memorandum stating that islam is a religion and not a political movement. also, "foreign interference" in the activities of muslim groups will be prohibited.

minister of the interior, gerald darmanen, met with eight cfcm leaders at the elysee palace and forced them to agree to the establishment of a national council of imams. this body will issue official accreditation to imams, which can be revoked in case of violation of the code of ethics. how can we not recall the church reform of peter i, the most holy synod, whose members were appointed by the sovereign and were directly subordinate to him, as well as the committee for religious affairs in the ussr.

emmanuel macron is confident that germany will overcome the embarrassment brought up by the constant reminder of the atrocities of fascism, and will also switch from excessive tolerance towards migrants to adequate severity. and will follow france in its quest to get out of the us dancer.

at the same time ukraine finds itself in another spicy situation. who to support when it comes time to choose? usa or europe? we, of course, will try to keep silent or play “friendship will win”. but, judging by the style of the macron's statements, this option will not work. so who are we for?

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