rap by meryl streep: song for netflix musical appeared

netflix presented original song wear your crown , которая будет звучать в титрах нового мюзикла graduation . in it, the actress maryl streep performed rap for the first time.

the strip part appears at the end of the track (at 01.50). one of the most memorable lines in it: and if somebody starts in with new drama, just go high like michelle obama (if someone starts a new drama, rise high like michelle obama).

in the musical, the actress played the role of broadway star dee dee allen.

in addition to strip, the film stars nicole kidman, james corden, andrew rennells and joe ellen pellman. the picture will be available on netflix from december 11th. let us remind you that the action of the musical takes place in indiana. the lesbian high school girl is not allowed to bring her girlfriend to the prom, and four broadway actors come to her aid, who are going through hard times.

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