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world economic forum ceo klaus schwab has co-authored with thierry malleret, covid-19: the great reboot. perhaps the most important book of the year - not because of literary merit, but because of how accurately it reveals how the ruling class is trying to take advantage of the pandemic to consolidate its global dictatorship.

klaus schwab writes: “many people ask when we will finally be able to return to normal life. in short: never! ".

he further confirms what we have already warned about: it will not be possible to return to normal life without a fight.

“the world will no longer be the same, capitalism will take on a different form, we will have completely new types of property besides private and state. the largest multinational companies will take on more social responsibility, they will participate more actively in public life and take responsibility for the common good.

the great reset is a takeover

as readers of have long known, a billionaire club called the world economic forum has been working for many years to transform equity capitalism into stakeholder capitalism - that is, a system where global corporations, in addition to strictly economic activities, actively intervene in politics and public issues in accordance with their own interests. in 2016 this project was named the “global redesign initiative”.

"global transformation initiative" - ​​changing the current world order

amid the coronavirus pandemic, it turned into a "great reset". and if the first is just a strategy, then the second is an action plan that is already being implemented before our eyes. therefore, it will be useful to read what one of the main architects of this project writes. the swab's book deserves a careful reading. people should open their eyes and realize: this is not a joke.

“many people ask when we can finally get back to normal. in short: never! life will never return to the feeling of “broken” normality that prevailed before the crisis. the coronavirus pandemic marks a sharp turn in our global trajectory. the world as we knew it in the first months of 2020 is no more - it crumbled against the backdrop of a pandemic. there have been radical shifts with such consequences that some experts are already talking about the "pre-coronavirus" and "post-coronavirus" eras.

we are amazed at both the swiftness and the unexpected nature of these changes - together they lead to consequences of the second, third, fourth and order, cumulative effects and unforeseen results. thus a “new normality” is formed, radically different from the one that we will gradually leave behind. many of our beliefs and guesses about what the world might or should look like will collapse. "

in other words, global politics and economics will be so badly hit that the way back will be cut off.

complete collapse and world bankruptcy

although the "pandemic" itself has long passed - in europe it ended in early june - do not even hope that it will ever end. the crisis will deepen, and new destruction is coming.

“ernest hemingway understood this. in the sun also rises there is the following dialogue:

- how did you go bankrupt? - asked bill. “in two ways,” michael said. - first gradually, and then immediately.

the same thing happens with major system shifts and failures: everything changes first gradually, and then immediately. it will be the same with macro reloading. "

politicians are ready to hurt people - they will have to somehow suppress uprisings and resistance

the swabian understands that the destruction of the world economy will cause great pain to people, but at the same time teaches politicians to be they are ready for this - to suppress any resistance and disorder.

“the problem of desynchronization between the two groups (decision-makers and the public), whose horizon is very different, is acute, and it will not be easy to cope with it in the context of a pandemic. the swiftness of the shock and the depth of the pain inflicted is incomparable with the political side of the issue.

this is difficult because it is a kind of “cat's cradle” - interdependence and interaction. everything adapts and adapts - in the sense that "social behavior" is determined by the interaction of the participants (organizations, people - us!). and they can become embarrassed by stress and become 'naughty' (will we accept isolation mode? are most of us willing to obey the rules - or not?) ”.

the schwab urges politicians not to relax restrictions. he urges them not to lift the quarantine, no matter how much resistance they face. this is required by the "pandemic", he assures, although science has already recorded that the virus is not very dangerous for young people and middle-aged people.

"if, on the contrary, we prematurely weaken the numerous restrictions and rules of social distancing, it will inevitably accelerate the spread of the infection (most researchers agree with this), more employees and workers will become infected, and companies will simply stop working."

this is a lie, and the swabian is smart enough not to cite any sources for these claims. there is absolutely no empirical evidence that even the toughest isolation significantly reduced infection.

politicians must do whatever is necessary and be generous

the logical conclusion from these two points is that governments must do whatever is necessary and spare no expense in protecting our health and collective welfare to restore economy sustainability.

the head of the billionaires club believes that all restrictions should be lifted in general - both about political "measures" and money spending. analysis of consequences and trade-offs are not a hindrance. full speed ahead! - commands davos.

neither politicians nor corporate executives should have a shadow of doubt - no matter what problems they face. a return to normal life cannot even be thought of. this will not happen, because it can never be!

“at the micro level, in individual industries and companies, the great reset will entail a complex system of changes and adjustments. faced with this, some industry leaders and executives will want to stop the restart, hoping to return to old norms and restore what once worked: traditions, established procedures and the usual ways of doing business. in short, to ordinary reality. it won't happen, because it can't be. "

the schwab is convinced that it is suicide and a form of social darwinism to question the benefits of isolation from leaders.

commonpass - the global passport

as we wrote, the world economic forum and the rockefeller foundation are actively promoting the global digital travel passports commonpass - they want it to be mandatory at every border crossing. it will be used for concerts, football matches and so on.

and this is also part of the "great reset" that the swab wants to impose on the world.

great reboot needs shock

the swab sees the pandemic as an incredible "window of opportunity" for the complete transformation of the world, for which the wef stands:

“in the“ chronicle of the announced death ”by gabriel garcía marquez, the whole city predicts an impending catastrophe, but none of the inhabitants can or does not want to prevent it, and then it is too late. we don't want to be like that city. to avoid this fate, we must immediately launch the great reboot. it is not just a pleasant addition, but an urgent need. failure to tackle deeply rooted diseases in our societies and economies will perpetuate the risk - as has been the case throughout history - that a relapse of the disease will lead to violent upheaval, conflict and even revolution. it is our duty to take the bull by the horns. the pandemic gives us this chance: it is a narrow window of opportunity for reflection, solutions and reboot of our world. "

global fascism

the only obvious conclusion is that a billionaire club called the world economic forum is trying to take full advantage of the pandemic to trample the world community so that there will be no turning back. all political opposition will be crushed by all available means.

the great reset is a class war for the massive transfer of power and wealth from the working and middle class to the upper class, and the swabians admit that there is no place for a nation state in their brave new world:

«если демократия и глобализация будут расширяться, то национальному государству места не останется».

fascism is an unlimited dictatorship of financial capital, and these are not tragicomic groups of people in antediluvian uniforms, zealously worshiping the fascist symbols of the past. fascism arises directly from the need of big business to oppress the working class and the people - and pushes them into imperialist wars.

in this sense, the plan of klaus schwab and others like him is the revival of fascism in a new form, adapted to modernity.

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