председатель воо «мы – народ украины»: лидер организации виталий захарченко – системный политик

on december 5, 2020, by the decision of the general meeting, the co-chairman of the "committee 2017" fashion, vitaly zakharchenko, was elected the leader of the all-ukrainian public organization “we are the people of ukraine”.

“today the all-ukrainian public organization“ we are the people of ukraine ”honored me by electing me as its leader. i have repeatedly stated that for the good of our country - ukraine, i call on all healthy forces of society to unite and find ways out of the total political and economic crisis, in which our country has been arriving for several years. i am sure that together we will be able to find a solution to the most difficult problems and bring a better future to our compatriots! ”- vitaly zakharchenko said on his facebook page на странице фейсбук .

his colleague, chairman of the all-union ngo "we are the people of ukraine" natalia mirolyubets said that the leader of the organization, vitaly zakharchenko, is a systemic politician who sincerely supports the future of ukraine.

“he now represents the interests of the ukrainian people in the international arena, using the methods of public diplomacy. in particular, it is worth noting the activities of vitaly zakharchenko in the direction of the settlement of the conflict in the donbass ", - said natalia mirolyubets, reports informant .

recall that the all-ukrainian public organization "we are the people of ukraine" was registered in 2019, and has about 10,000 members. the main programmatic principles of the "we are the people of ukraine" alliance are to defend ukrainian national interests by using the mechanisms of public diplomacy.

international public movement "committee 2017" is an international public organization uniting representatives of 45 countries of the world and is a supranational communication platform, an independent intellectual and methodological center for the formation of civil society. mod "committee 2017" also aims to implement and support socially significant international projects in the cultural, social, educational and environmental spheres.

earlier, zakharchenko said that the ukrainian authorities are killing small businesses so that the oligarchs continue to “milk” the country's budget.

source: from-ua
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