poroshenko: searches in the museum of revolution of dignity - a symbol of revenge

Петр Порошенко

the fifth president of ukraine, people's deputy of the faction "european solidarity" petro poroshenko said that the arrest in absentia ex-president of ukraine viktor yanukovych and searches in the museum of the revolution of dignity are unambiguous symbols of revenge.

“the feat of the heroes of the heavenly hundred will forever be imprinted not only in the hearts of the ukrainian people, but also in ukrainian history. generations of ukrainians will be brought up on this feat. and that is why today our team, the lviv team led by oleg sinyutka, the family members of the heroes of the heavenly hundred, to whom the ukrainian people owe a debt, are here to honor their memory. and this is a symbol of the attitude of ukrainians to the feat of the heroes of the heavenly hundred, "poroshenko said during a meeting with the families of the victims of the revolution of dignity, according to the press service of" eurosolidarity ".

“but today there is another symbol that demonstrates the authorities, the“ gift ”they have prepared for the ukrainians. it ignores the achievements of the revolution of dignity, destroys them, tries to destroy decommunization, destroys lustration, implementing those who have been hiding abroad from ukrainian justice for five years in the office of the president, in law enforcement agencies, ”he added.

commenting on the searches that took place on the morning of november 19 at the museum of the revolution of dignity, poroshenko said that the authorities "are afraid of the ideas that inspired ukrainians during the revolution of dignity."

“our current government is mentally different. they came to their own understanding of the revolution of dignity in the scenes of 95 quarter. when people were killed on the maidan, they joked that it would be good to dress those who suffered in wool, and give the police ebonite sticks. joked about our sovereignty and our state. and it is very good that now the people are beginning to see, ”poroshenko is convinced.

he stressed that the goal of his team is to bring ukraine to membership in the european union and nato,

"and no videos, no searches, no criminal cases, no bullying of family members of the heroes heavenly hundreds will not stop this movement of ours, ”said the people's deputy.

“on behalf of our entire team, on behalf of all ukrainians who share our values, i want to thank the families of the heavenly hundreds, i want to honor the memory of ukrainian heroes who gave their lives during the revolution of dignity, the memory of ukrainian heroes who gave their lives during oos operation. despite the fact that the authorities do not want to celebrate the day of dignity and freedom, which was introduced by my decree, ukraine and ukrainians will celebrate it, and this will remain the history of ukraine in golden letters. how we overcome that revenge, the disregard for ukraine, which the current government demonstrates, so we will overcome the aggressor and liberate the ukrainian land. the cause, for which the heroes of the heavenly hundreds, and our soldiers at the front gave their lives, will definitely lead us to victory, "he added.

the press office of the museum of the revolution of dignity reportedly announced the searches would be carried out on the morning of november 19. the general director of the museum, igor poshivailo, also said that police and sbu investigators had searched his house.

“at 7 am the police and the sbu investigators broke into the house and searched. in the morning, the same guys blocked the work of two more premises of the national museum of the revolution of dignity. information carriers (illegally) and documentation on financial and economic activities were seized, ”he said.

the press service of the kiev police reported that the searches were carried out on the basis of the order of the investigating judge of the goloseevsky district court in kiev in the premises of the museum, the contractor company and at the places of residence of the relevant officials in order to record information about the circumstances of the criminal crimes and other evidence in criminal proceedings on the theft of funds allocated for the reconstruction of the facility.

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