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on thursday, december 3, at 10:00 am, the inter tv channel released a new release of the" useful program "about lemons, the best helpers in the fight against colds and viruses. almost everyone has these citrus fruits at home, but there are many questions about them - . how to find the best fruits in markets and shops? what flavors do different varieties of lemons hide? how to get rid of bitterness? and where do the most delicious fruits grow? in the talk show studio, the presenter alexander lukyanenko and the program experts figured out how to choose the right lemons, how they are useful for our body and what can be prepared from them.

“lemons are widely cultivated in countries with a subtropical climate - turkish and argentine fruits are most often found on the shelves of ukrainian markets and shops, - says alexander lukyanenko. - french lemons from mentons are famous and especially appreciated by gourmets, where three harvests of citrus fruits are harvested, the french even dedicated an annual festival to them. they use over 150 thousand tons of lemons for each holiday. "

how are lemons good for you?

lemons are rich in vitamins a, b1, b2 and c. they strengthen the body's defenses, help fight viruses and prevent the appearance of anemia, as they promote the absorption of iron. these citrus fruits are useful for those who want to lose weight, because they break down fats, and also for athletes, since thanks to potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, they help balance the water-salt balance. lemons lower cholesterol levels and normalize blood sugar levels. and also these fruits - good antiseptics.

“because of the large amount of vitamins, first of all - c, pp, vitamins of group b, these citrus fruits must be present in our diet, - nutritionist alexander kushch believes. - it is useful for an adult to eat 1-2 lemons a day. considering that all citrus fruits are potential allergens, children from 3 years old and nursing mothers need to very carefully introduce them into the diet, starting with small portions. by the way, lemon juice is very aggressive for the tooth enamel, so it is better to “hide” it in the dish or brush your teeth after eating. and remember that vitamin c quickly degrades from contact with air, so you should not store cut lemons for a long time, or at least wrap them in cling film. "

what kind of lemons are there?

lemons can be round, oval, with elongated stalks. all types of lemons can be roughly divided into two categories: thin-skinned and thick-skinned. the first ones are better to buy when juice is important. the second - ideal for adding to soups or drinks.

sometimes lemons can have a bitter taste, - fruit quality expert maxim didenko says. - the reasons for the bitterness may be the peculiarities of the variety, improper storage or unripe condition of the fruit. in any case, if the lemon is bitter, then you can get rid of this quality by lowering the fruit for a few seconds in boiling water.

how to choose a quality lemon?

when choosing lemons, maxim didenko advises to pay attention to the following signs:

1. the skin of a lemon must be intact and have a uniform color. do not buy a lemon if its surface shows signs of rotting, stains, and also - the fruit has a too sticky or shiny surface.

2. ripe lemon can only be bright yellow and have a pleasant citrus aroma.

3. if you lightly squeeze a lemon in your hand, then its rind should be elastic. too hard lemon will be unripe, soft - overripe.

what to cook with lemon?

lemon is one of the staples in the kitchen. it is used in sauces for salads, in dressing for fish and seafood, lemon is used to make refreshing lemonade and hot tea for colds.

“but if you think that you can only cook fish and drink tea with lemons, you are very mistaken, - says alexander lukyanenko . - in morocco, these citrus fruits are salted and pickled: whole lemons are left here for three months in a brine made of lemon juice and spices. in greece, a soup is made from lemons, adding chicken and eggs to them. and lemons help italians to better feel the taste of coffee - here they add a slice of lemon to a cup of espresso. and, of course, what is italy without limoncello - the legendary lemon liqueur, which has long gained popularity around the world. to taste lemon and fans of desserts: in france it is used to make soufflé, in belgium - pies, and in america - traditional pastries. "

lemon mousse dessert


lemon - 2 pcs.

low-fat cottage cheese - 100 g

honey - 3 tbsp. l.

gelatin - 1 tbsp. l.

water - 250 ml

nuts and berries - for decoration

preparation method:

wash the lemons and cut off the tops on one side. carefully remove the pulp so as not to damage the "cups" from the lemon zest. set them aside, and take out the bones from the pulp, cut and send them to the blender. add cottage cheese there, ¼ glass of water and beat until a homogeneous air mass. put the mixture on fire and warm it up well. dilute a spoonful of gelatin in several tablespoons of warm water and pour it into the curd-lemon mass. add honey. knead and fill the lemon peel blanks. we send it to the refrigerator for a few hours. decorate the finished dessert with your favorite berries and nuts. enjoy your meal!

the colder and more cloudy it is outside, the more reasons to remember about lemon: vitamin c will strengthen the immune system, the aroma will cheer you up, and the “lemon mousse” from the chef of the “healthy program” will consolidate the effect. but how to make a whole lunch out of lemon? and what unusual ways to use this citrus in everyday life? even more useful tips about lemon - in the release of the "useful program": https://youtu.be/33ab_icefqk

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