"useful program": how to choose the right juice?

on tuesday, november 24, at 10:00 am on the "intera" - release of the "useful program" about juices. many are sure that they contain a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients, as well as increase immunity, cleanse the body of toxins and tone up. is it really? is juice an alternative to fruit? how is it different from nectar? what are the benefits of fresh and reconstituted juices and what are fruit smoothies? presenter alexander lukyanenko and talk show experts told how to choose the right juice in the store and which drink is the most useful.

eating a bunch of celery, raw beets, a kilogram of apples and five carrots is not a task for everyone. but if you drink them in the form of juice - then it's easy. according to experts, such drinks contain all vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, which are quickly and easily absorbed. « orange juice strengthens the heart and blood vessels, apple juice removes toxins, beetroot juice nourishes the body with iron and protects against blood clots, and plum juice helps if you have problems with the gallbladder and kidneys , - says alexander lukyanenko. - pomegranate juice is good for blood formation, carrot juice improves vision, grapefruit juice normalizes weight, and tomato juice - improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract ".

juices are freshly squeezed and those in the package. they are divided into four categories: juice, nectar, juice drink and fruit drink. if the fruit share in the product is 100%, then you are holding juice in your hands, if at least 25-50% - nectar, from 15% - fruit drink, and everything below 10% - is a juice drink.

« freshly squeezed juice is the juice that was prepared in your presence, and it is better to drink it right away before it loses its useful properties and spoils, - объясняет эксперт по качеству и безопасности продуктов мария янчик . - juices in the package usually have the inscriptions: “reconstituted”, “made from concentrated juice”, “directly squeezed” and “100% juice”. however, the last phrase, more often than not, is nothing more than a marketing ploy, since the juice can only be one hundred percent, otherwise it is already nectar or juice-containing drink. "

if you want to buy a really useful product, then look for the inscription "directly squeezed juice" on the package. “ this means that the drink is made from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables by mechanical pressing , - explains the expert. - the juice is pasteurized or preserved so that the product does not deteriorate prematurely and retains much more useful properties than the "reconstituted" one. water was first evaporated from the latter juice to facilitate transportation, and then water was added before sale. nectars are made from fruits with pulp, for example, banana or apricot, adding water and sugar, - the fruit content in them is much lower ".

how much sugar is in fruit juices and how are vegetable juices useful? how to choose the right juice? which is better - juice or smoothie? in the talk show studio these and other questions will be answered by presenter alexander lukyanenko and experts of the "useful program": nutritionist ekaterina tolstikova, expert on food quality and safety maria yanchik, bartender yuriy kuzichkin and people's artist of ukraine oksana pekun.

an issue of the talk show dedicated to juices, watch tomorrow, november 24, at 10:00 on the tv channel "inter".

also this week intera viewers will see other issues of the "useful program".

wednesday 25 november at 10:00 on the intera - casserole issue.

soft, tender, with an appetizing crust ... casserole is one of the oldest culinary inventions of mankind. there are thousands of recipes for this dish: italians cook lasagna, the british - pudding, the french - gratin. in ukrainian cuisine, casserole is often served as a sweet dessert, but vegetable, meat and fish types of this dish are also present on our table. how to make a casserole delicious without flour, semolina or starch? is there a recipe for a diet casserole? what should you look for when buying a ready-made dish? and how to prepare an original casserole according to the chef's recipe? star talk show expert - singer karina play.

on thursday, november 26th at 10:00 am on the "intera" - program on what to look for when choosing spices.

spices have been added to food for thousands of years to improve taste and aroma, and also to make it not only appetizing, but also healing. after all, any spice is also a medicine with a number of useful properties. what are their benefits? how do they affect the human body? which spices should you definitely include in your diet? and what contraindications is it important to know about? what to look for when buying spices? and how with their help you can cheer up, said the experts of the "useful program". the star guest of the talk show is the singer artem mech.

on friday, 2 7 november , at 10:00 “inter” will air a “useful program” about lard.

lard is considered a ukrainian national product. however, few people still know how to choose and cook it correctly. which lard is healthier - salted, smoked, boiled or baked? how much can you eat without harming your figure? how to choose high-quality lard to please yourself and your guests with your favorite snack? where to store it correctly and how to present it beautifully? the experts of the program and honored artist of ukraine vitaliy borisyuk will answer these questions in the talk show studio.

and on saturday, 2 8 november , at 10:00 on the »viewers will see a program dedicated to dumplings.

the writer nikolai gogol always sang dumplings in his literary masterpieces. for example, his famous novella "vii" mentions the largest dumplings ever made - the size of a hat. and in “evenings on a farm near dikanka” there is a fragment about how dumplings themselves jumped into their mouths, having dipped them in sour cream. and although we have been eating dumplings for a long time, we, as it turns out, do not know everything about this dish. how to choose a quality frozen product? why store dumplings are often boiled? how do ukrainian dumplings differ from their foreign counterparts? and what is the main secret of making dumplings, will tell the experts of the "useful program", among them - people's artist of ukraine svetlana belonozhko.

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