weather in ukraine in the near future will not change significantly

in the next two days in ukraine, significant precipitation is not expected, the temperature background will hardly change and will remain quite high, as for the end of november, the ukrhydrometeorological center reported.

no precipitation on thursday in ukraine, only light rain with sleet in the eastern regions at night.

in the western, zhytomyr, vinnytsia and cherkasy regions at night and in the morning fog in places.

north-west wind with transition to south-west, 3-8 m / s.

temperature at night is from 5 ° c to 1 ° frost, in the western, vinnytsia, in some places eastern and odessa regions, 1-6 ° frost, in the carpathians up to 8 ° frost. in the daytime 3-8 ° c, in the extreme south of the country and the carpathian region up to 10 °, in the eastern part 0-4 ° c.

in kiev on thursday without precipitation. northwest wind with a transition to southwest of 3-8 m / s. temperature at night 1-3 ° c, daytime 5-7 ° c.

according to the central geophysical observatory in kiev on november 26, the highest daytime temperature was 13.8 in 2009, the lowest at night -21.9 in 1890.

no precipitation on friday in ukraine. southwestern wind of 5-10 m / s.

temperature at night is from 3 ° c to 2 ° c, in the carpathians 5-10 ° c. in the daytime 1-6 ° c, in the southern part and in the carpathian region 7-12 °.

in kiev on friday without precipitation. southwestern wind of 5-10 m / s. temperature at night is about 0 °, during the day 3-5 °.

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