the government secretariat fell ill with the "crown" almost at full strength. confident shmygal, "porokhobot" and minister of the cabinet of ministers oleg nemchinov announced this with delight on his round face. on self-isolation are deputy prime minister for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories aleksey reznikov with his young wife, finance minister sergei marchenko, environment minister - almost the full namesake of roman abramovich (like abramovich), health minister stepanov and other officials.

shmygal itself is still holding on, but after tymoshenko's statement about the need to hear a report, km to fight the pandemic is likely to retire for isolation. kovid reaps a rich harvest of officials and newly elected mayors. investigator for maidan affairs andrei yen, mayor of konotop, died, and the list goes on.

natalya kondratyuk remained in the parliament from the leadership, but if she goes down, then there will be no one to head the rada. will have to form a new presidium of relatively healthy deputies. and where, with ... ka, to get them? from 40 to 100 (!) deputies are ill in parliament. most cases in the presidential faction of "servants".

so, as a result: the cabinet of ministers is practically everything, i am glad to only be able to imitate its activities, everyone has heard about the president's office. along the way, only julia mendel remained there.

the “weekend quarantine”, introduced as if by accident during the second round of voting in a number of cities, practically did not bring positive results. even according to official statistics. the anti-quarantine uprising was exponentially suppressed in the havana restaurant. but the law enforcement officers did not manage to cope with the sports club "5th element". it is understandable: peter himself was not imprisoned, and his club, even more so, will not be closed. reports of thousands of issued fines are not indicative of effective police work, but of the extent of the uprising.

the situation has reached a point. on the one hand, the scale of the epidemic is terrifying, on the other, going into global quarantine is tantamount to a slow extinction. what to do?

kondratyuk, who is acting as razumkov, announced a plan to invite a suspiciously cheerful prime minister with a report to the meeting. she is from "batkivshchyna", therefore she is sensitive to the wishes of yulia vladimirovna. tymoshenko has once again radically changed her image. the hair darkened and turned into a kind of nest of a pretty doused crow. i don’t know what it’s for ... before yulia changed her image before some next stage of her career. now changing something simply does not make sense, since everything is over.

i think that shmyhal, whose resignation was not predicted except by the “defective” telegram channel, is also self-isolating. parliament does not work after tuesday. in fact, the power in the country "dissipated". but you shouldn't panic. i have a clear plan for getting out of the situation.

first of all, there is "theophany". life itself prompts a solution to the problem. all parliamentarians and government officials should be immediately isolated in one corps. the legislative branch is on the first floor, on the second - the cabinet, on the third already there are zelensky and yermak. a sick constitutional court can be accommodated in the basement. the separation of powers is observed: each has its own chamber and its own floor. this will maximize the concentration of management resources to overcome the crisis.

secondly, the experience of the spread of the covid virus indicates that the "soros" have a very stable immunity to the disease. i don’t know what caused it. read somewhere that shit to shit and further in the text. we should immediately take advantage of this circumstance and mobilize all the "weed" to work in the political field. they all the same idle toss. wandering around the embassies, waiting for the arrival of biden. you look at alexey goncharuk, who has been in the usa for three months, waiting for joe's inauguration. gained twenty kilograms. no longer fits into the iphone camera. let him head the interim commission, which will close all contacts on external management. our partners must immediately commit fantastic resources to restore the defenses of the stronghold of civilization.

as soon as billions of dollars arrive in ukraine, the "weed" will rush to cut them. and at that moment they can be taken almost lukewarm. who will take? not important. the future of a european power is at stake. the main thing is that peter alekseevich does not connect to the circuit. then no ends can be found. everything will go offshore even before a decision is made on the allocation of funds.

in principle, there is a very effective scheme for obtaining financial assistance "on live bait". in the role of "live bait" - "sorosity". well, there are all sorts of shabunins, leshchenki and other zalischuk headed by a potter. glad and the office of the president is isolated in comfortable chambers. together with the cabinet. it remains only to "hook" in time, and the golden key is in our pocket. the situation is ideal for this. because of the constitutional crisis, anti-corruption bodies are not doing a damn thing. they only obey in the second round of patients who do not know about the cop solution. it is possible to attract gigantic investments into the country by putting the same zalishchuk in the role of "investment", which may well run along the corridors of the imf shouting "gr ... i am rusnya". this is normal. the main thing is to use all possible means in order to survive 2020. next year will be easier. although 21 is a point.

alexander zubchenko

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