patriarch kirill is 74 years old today

primate of the russian orthodox church patriarch kirill celebrates his 74th birthday today. as reported by, patriarch kirill celebrated the divine liturgy in the church of the holy noble prince alexander nevsky in the skete of the same name near peredelkin.

the patriarch offered up intense prayers and served a litiya for the newly reposed his holiness patriarch irinaeus of serbia and metropolitan of kazan and tatarstan theophanes who died this morning.

the primate of the ukrainian orthodox church, metropolitan onufry, congratulated his holiness patriarch kirill on his birthday.

“today the almighty lord has brought your shrine to the limits of earthly life in order to make him the heir of his heavenly kingdom and to give a grace-filled life in himself. embodying, according to the consent of the heart, his divine providence, you have taken the path of serving god, and now, flaming on the candlestick of the primordial throne, you dispel with the words of the gospel instructions the darkness of ignorance and unbelief around, awakening the sleeping souls of people and revealing to them the light of christ, which enlightens everyone. prayerfully i wish you, your holiness, mental and physical strength, spiritual joy and strength for many more years to perform the high primate ministry for the good of the church of christ and the people of god. many and blessed years to you! "

patriarch kirill (in the world - vladimir gundyaev) was born on november 20, 1946 in leningrad in the family of a priest, graduated from the leningrad theological seminary and the leningrad theological academy.

on april 3, 1969, he was tonsured into monasticism with the name cyril, on april 7 - ordained a hierodeacon, and on june 1 of the same year - in a hieromonk. in 1971 he was elevated to the rank of archimandrite and was appointed representative of the moscow patriarchate at world council of churches in geneva.

in december 1974, he was appointed rector of the leningrad theological academy and seminary, and in june 1975 - chairman of the diocesan council of the leningrad metropolitanate.

on march 14, 1976, he was elevated to the rank of archbishop. on december 26, 1984, he was appointed archbishop of smolensk and kaliningrad.

в сан митрополита кирилл возведен 25 февраля 1991 года.6 декабря 2008 года на экстренном заседании священного синода русской православной церкви в связи со смертью патриарха алексия ii митрополит кирилл тайным голосованием избран местоблюстителем патриаршего престола.

27 января 2009 года в москве на поместном соборе избран 16-м патриархом московским и всея руси.

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