pope criticized opponents of masks and quarantine

pope francis criticized people protesting against wearing protective masks and dissatisfied with the quarantine that the authorities are imposing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. according to the pontiff, these people think only of themselves.

he told about this in his new book "let's dream: the way to a better future", reports "the guardian" .

"some groups are protesting, refusing to keep their distance, protesting against travel restrictions, as if the measures that governments should introduce for the good of their peoples are a kind of political attack on their individual freedom," the head stressed roman catholic church.

besides, according to the pontiff, opponents of masks are unlikely to come out to protest against "slums where children have no water and education", against "huge sums invested in the arms trade."

"you will never see how these people protest against the death of george floyd ... they are unable to leave the microcosm of their interests," - says the book of the pontiff.

francis is sure that all people experience their own "covids", that is, a forced "stop" in their lives, which shows what needs to be changed.

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