oppo unveils a convertible smartphone concept

Oppo X 2021

chinese company oppo unveiled a concept for an innovative roll-up display device. the portal reported about it on november 17 engadget .

it is noted that the oppo x 2021 is a concept phone that is the result of the company's many years of research and development with flexible displays.

the oled display is 6.7 "in normal use, but with a simple touch of a button it can be expanded to a more square 7.4" panel, while the software interface adapts accordingly for optimal use.

oppo added that the user will be able to freely adjust the screen size, not limited to just 6.7 or 7.4 inches.

oppo has applied for 122 patents to create the device. the company stressed that the smartphone is still a concept, but it will be presented "at the right time."

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