the neurologist named the very first sign of coronavirus


different body systems suffer with coronavirus, but often the first signal of infection is not fever, loss of smell or cough, but an acute headache , says natalya glushchenko, a neurologist at the hospital for intensive treatment and emergency medicine. more on this on friday, november 27th.

“if you ask relatives or friends who have had covid, they will tell you that a few days before the onset of the main symptoms, they were tormented by a severe headache. as a rule, when patients come to us, neurologists, with complaints of severe headache, they categorically deny being ill with coronavirus. looking for other pathologies, doing expensive tomography. and then it turns out that this is one of the first symptoms. and, of course, everyone already knows that most patients with coronavirus have impaired sense of smell and taste. it is also a disorder of the nervous system, ”the doctor explained.

she added that patients may also experience severe dizziness and it is with such symptoms that patients are brought to the cardio-neurological department, as a stroke is suspected.

“patients with coronavirus have a very high risk of strokes and heart attacks. we have encountered this in practice. patients who now come to us with strokes turn out to be simultaneously sick with covid-19. this is understandable: with a virus, the tendency to thrombus formation in the vessels increases. when a blood clot forms in the vessels of the brain, a stroke occurs. and this is already a life-threatening condition, ”the specialist explained.

according to her, older patients are most likely to have a stroke, and those who have just become infected and those who have already had covid-19 are at risk. often such patients have other pathologies - diabetes mellitus, hypertension and heart rhythm disturbances.

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