the people's deputy said that the imf changed the budget for 2021

the budget for 2021 agreed with the imf will be reintroduced to the verkhovna rada this week, and next parliament will consider it, said on thursday, november 26, deputy head of the finance committee bp yaroslav zheleznyak in telegram.

he also spoke about the changes in the budget after consulting the imf. according to him, the fund had three main complaints about the budget: to reduce the deficit, to revise the forecast and to resolve the issue with a minimum wage.

“according to the available information (once again, while from the sources) for all three there is a solution. deficit. now the cabinet should reduce to 5.3% of gdp (that is, by -0.7% of what was adopted in the first reading). for understanding, this means minus more than uah 30 billion from expenses. and this is if the forecast for gdp does not decrease, ”writes the iron ore.

“gdp forecast. there is information that it was the nominal gdp that was forced to reduce from uah 4506 billion by a smaller amount. it is not yet clear how much. but in any case, it is still minus billions of expenses, ”he wrote.

in addition, in agreement with the imf, an increase in the minimum wage to uah 6500 was postponed from mid-2021 to december.

"while i have confirmation of these changes from three sources, but it can still be replayed", - said the people's deputy.

earlier, the ministry of finance announced the completion of negotiations with the imf on the budget. the main focus of the negotiations concerned the formation of a common vision of the main budget indicators with the imf - the framework of revenues, expenditures and deficits, the ministry said, without specifying details.

let us recall that the cabinet of ministers was unable to approve the draft budget for the second reading at an extraordinary meeting on november 20. glad will not have time to adopt the state budget on time - until december.

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