на «интере» – премьера нового сезона «детектива ренуар»

Детектив Ренуар

on sunday, november 29, at 16:50 on "intera" - the final episodes of the third season of the french tv series "detective renoir". and already at 19:00, viewers will see two premiere episodes of the fourth season, in which the main character will have to defend her reputation in court and rebuild relationships with a loved one.

criminal police officers are already accustomed to the unusual investigative methods of their boss, candice renoir, because, as a rule, it is her extravagance and non-standard approach that help to find the true criminals. but when the candidate is summoned to the court to testify, there is… laughter in the hall. detective renoir will have to defend his business reputation and re-prove his professional aptitude. however, these are not all the problems that the heroine will face in the new season. one of the investigations will lead the candice to her homeland. she discovers that her loved one is involved in the series of murders. you will have to deal with the complicated matter without the support of colleagues: relations with major david canovas are not going well, and the deputy, captain antoine dumas, leaves the department, choosing a more prestigious position ...

even more unexpected plot twists should be expected in the new season ... one of the surprises for viewers will be the appearance of candice renoir's mother, magda müller. her role was played by actress fanny cottenson. starring cecile bois calls her mother's figure “the worst you can imagine”: “ it took me a while to accept this character. after all, magda is often unfair to candice, who already has a lot to go through in the new season. but maybe that's what makes the action so exciting . "

fannie cottenson immediately agreed to join the cast of the popular project. “ cecile is amazing and the show is amazing! - the actress does not hide her emotions. - when i was offered the role of magda, i did not hesitate for a second, i instantly agreed. although the work was not easy. my heroine has been absent from her daughter's life for more than twenty years, and their meeting will not take place under the best circumstances. reuniting with kandis will deeply affect the magda. viewers will see that it is much more complicated, more interesting, more sensitive than it might seem at first glance. and all this cecile and i had to play as honestly as possible so that the viewer felt our heroes and believed ".

can detective renoir handle all the challenges on his own? will she be able to mend a relationship with her mother? see new episodes of "detective renoir" - from november 29 at 16:40 exclusively on the "inter" tv channel.

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