in donbas, a sniper wounded a ukrainian serviceman

in donbas near avdiivka, a ukrainian soldier was wounded by a shot from an enemy sniper, according to the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after black cossacks.

"today, on november 24, the russian-occupation forces cynically violated the agreements that came into effect on july 27, 2020 in accordance with the decision of the trilateral contact group. at about noon, in the suburb of avdiivka, a soldier of the united forces was wounded by an enemy sniper. forces ", - said in a message on the page in facebook.

it is noted that the ukrainian defender was promptly provided with first aid, he was evacuated to a hospital. "his state of health is grave," the message says.

the combined forces did not return fire due to the evacuation of the wounded.

"the bold and insidious actions of the armed formations of the russian federation and its mercenaries were immediately reported to the osce representatives through the ukrainian side of the joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire and stabilization of the line of demarcation," the brigade added.

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