the ministry of health announced a new covid-19 strategy

Виктор Ляшко

the government will soon present a new strategy for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it said on friday. november 27, chief sanitary doctor viktor lyashko.

he recalled that if all quarantine requirements are met, strict restrictions will not have to be introduced.

“today, the healthcare system is coping with the number of reported cases. we continue to predict the potential growth of covid-19 diseases, so we are working on many options for the development of events. today there are already 6 of them ", - said lyashko.

he did not answer the question of whether there will be a lockdown for the winter holidays.

“our main task is to comply with epidemic norms. today we have to go through the next weekend. the strategy regarding further actions of the government, both in epidemic and economic terms, will be announced by the prime minister in the near future, ”lyashko said.

weekend quarantine results are due in a week.

“we will show all the statistics in full - what was, what was predicted, what results. today we need to go through the next weekend as it is written there. it is the social responsibility of everyone, including business, ”lyashko said.

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