heavy times have come for the "pig farm" of peter alekseevich. his bot factory, led by crowbars (as if by opinion leaders), was almost entirely thrown into advertising for roshen oil. poroshenko's "blind confectionery trust" recently began expansion into a new market segment. experienced food technologists have discovered that in the production of sweets, cakes and other products, there is a lot of waste that can be molded into dense cubes, beautifully packaged and sold to patriotic ukrainians.

unfortunately, sales of roschen oil did not work out right away. perhaps, the failure of "european solidarity" affected the mayoral elections in lviv. lvov (the name belongs to the constantly sniffing tarasik chornovol) missed the candidate "syvocholiy", which affected the marketing defeat of the new product, petro poroshenko. everyone knows that the "getman" is a very economical and prudent business executive. he delves into all the technological details, including the average daily toilet paper consumption at the enterprises of the concern.

the failure of the original oil upset him greatly. and then an ingenious thought came to the ex-president's thinning head: what, b ..., are all these parasites doing on social networks, the maintenance of which takes enormous amounts of money? what is the use of them if tens of tons of almost fresh oil are lying around in warehouses and no female individual wants to buy them at all?

petr alekseevich suffered heavy losses after the local election campaign. some boards with marinka pulled a fortune. and what is the effect? ask ... al, excuse me for my german, almost all regional centers, in galicia, which should become a springboard for the electoral blitzkrieg of petr alekseevich on the scale of the universe, the "dog" was in a critical situation. despite the fact that poroshenko personally brought ivl devices, disposable masks, consoles and tons of chocolates with an extended shelf life to these stupid voters.

in short, they brought together the leaders of public opinion on facebook, speechwriters, political strategists, sociologists, and personally poroshenko set them an extremely important task: to urgently raise the sales of roschen oil to the level of full self-sufficiency of the election campaign. create a powerful wave of information so that consumers choke in queues for a piece of roshen's butter. during the campaign, special emphasis should be placed on patriotism, ventilators, the war with russia, the european course in nato, the army, mov and tomos. the head of the oil mill was appointed viktor injections. he will personally be responsible for every gram of unsold butter. when ukolov was pulled out of the toilet, where he tried to hang himself on the belt of his partner oleg medvedev, his task was clarified: in addition to butter, he needed to start increasing the sales of butter lozenge. sugar, s ... ka, in warehouses.

work began to boil. "gunmen" specializing in anti-trump campaigns and geopolitics received clear theses and deadlines. if someone does not understand, then they will not get a dick on the card. times are hard now, lockdown, black friday, no money, oil must be sold quickly. many began to reflect, to appeal to a hybrid war with russia. it turns out that the "powder robots" practically single-handedly restrain the violent russification and hybrid spread of the "russian world". but the answer from the center was clear and unambiguous: do not e ... t, do oil.

and with trembling hands, the "gunmen" began to post pictures of the oil that they took into their warm, pale limbs in the nearest market. a masterpiece of creativity was the post of a certain andrey nick: “on the advice of friends, i went to silpo and bought five packs of butter. the cashier told me: do you need so much oil? - no! - then why take it? i want to financially support the working president! " to imagine a cashier "silpo" who is interested in why you need so much oil - from the field of unscientific fiction. as well as the "gunpowder", who buys five pieces of roshen products. the man was not too lazy, he invented a whole literary dialogue.

other "gunmen" approached advertising rather stupidly. a standard move: butter in an outstretched hand and the signature - "i'm buying, because poroshenko is using this money to buy ivl devices." mysteriously, incomprehensible and slightly moronic. then the "bot farm" became inflated, and quite creative tests of roshen oil began. for some reason, the "gun-lovers" dissolved poroshenko's products in hot water, poured them into a glass, took pictures of it and described "a pleasant smell that enveloped the kitchen." that's what it means, b ... be?

a certain artem kabitsky writes: "i personally buy roshen oil because this pack can save someone's life." comments are superfluous. artem's psyche must be urgently saved. although no. let him walk like that.

gradually, the ukrainian segment of the internet was filled with roshen oil. many got involved and began to produce quite decent creativity. type was in switzerland, eating butter. i was even surprised that it was so tasteless, although there were alps around. and then i bought a "roshen" and i can't tear myself away. i eat and eat. then a terrible rumor spread throughout the bot farm: they would pay for the work with oil. panic began, but thanks to decisive actions by top managers, it was suppressed. two more weeks for the "powder robots" to plow in this direction ...

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