lukashenko calls democratic elections "a trash"


president of belarus alexander lukashenko considers democratic elections a "trash". in his opinion, the country manages to contain the spread of covid-19, including thanks to the vertical of power.

he stated this at a meeting with the staff of one of the hospitals in minsk, reports belt .

in particular, he noted the important role of local authorities in the fight against covid-19 in the regions.

“thank god that we have a vertical of power. and you have probably noticed that the main blow of our protestors is directed at the president and the vertical of power. come on, democracy, everyone should be elected, ”lukashenka said.

he also said that democratic elections were already "held during the gorbachev period."

“we elected everyone - heads of enterprises, directors. well, did you get elected? and the country was lost, and the union fell apart. they want to give us this dirty trick now, ”lukashenka added.

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