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an audio recording released tuesday by secret news agency project veritas can be heard instructing his employees, jeff zucker. he tells them to play down the news about joe biden's ties to his family's dubious foreign trading scheme.

on october 14, we published an email from hunter biden, in which the head of the corrupt ukrainian energy company burisma thanked the hunter for arranging a meeting with his father, who was then vice president. on the morning of the same day, political director cnn david chalian told zuker and his subordinates that the network would not cover the story.

"it is obvious that we disagree with the story of the hunter biden from new york post ," chalian said. - we will just say that it was because of this that the impeachment of the president was announced ... the senate committees examined the situation and found nothing strange in joe biden's relations with the ukrainians.

chalian, who controls all of cnn's political material, has not been honest with his colleagues.

this was new data casting a shadow on the reliability of biden. it was alleged that despite repeated denials, biden met with the head of burisma while in the vice president's chair. and he, when the company sought support from the us government, paid biden's wayward son $ 83,000 a month to stay in office.

this was the first strong evidence of a link between joe and his family's questionable foreign business deals. more information was released in the following days, but cnn ignored and ridiculed it with the obvious purpose of protecting biden's campaign from legitimate control.

most of the rest of the media have followed cnn's lead. twitter blocked the new york post account for two weeks, and facebook limited our audience reach.

on that first day, the pitiful reaction from joe's campaign added weight to our story. initially they stated that there were no records of such meetings in the "official schedule" of biden, but in the end they admitted that an "informal" meeting between biden and burisma could take place. this is not news to anyone.

cnn have proven that they are no longer the independent news provider they once were. reality show dealer zucker took over and turned cnn into a weapon of resistance to trump, thus paving the way for other media. “jeff, this is david about the burisma story,” the project veritas recording reveals the voice of cnn general counsel david vigilante. “we have to be extremely careful with this topic, it's obvious. maggie haberman of the new york times and jake sherman of politico retweeted this story. what are they doing? "

sherman soon realized his mistake, apologized and deleted his tweet: “my goal was not to spread the story. my goal was to raise the issue. " this is not allowed. you see cnn how the shepherd tries to shame the journalists of other organizations and force them to adhere to the approved position.

two days after publishing our story, cnn tried to discredit it. to do this, they brought in james clapper, one of the journalists they pay to promote the debunked theory that trump is an agent of the russians. clapper told cnn that our story is "a typical case of soviet intelligence."

hunter's former business partner, tony bobulinksi, called a press conference the following week and provided documents proving that joe biden was actively involved in his family's plan to raise millions of dollars from communist china. according to him, the “big guy” mentioned in the hunter's emails is joe biden himself, and he should receive 10 percent of the deals with the chinese.

there were other testimonies of biden's lies about his non-interference in the dubious affairs of his family. the next day after the bobulinski conference at 9 o'clock in the morning, another cnn video conference took place, where zucker again ordered to discredit it.

"in breitbart , new york post, fox news hunter biden's story. i don’t think that anyone outside their world yesterday understood what was what. the wall street journal reports that he reviewed all corporate records and found no connection between joe biden and the deal with the chinese. and yes, i trust the wall street journal more than the new york post. "

so that story was buried.

but the failure to find corporate records supporting joe biden's role does not make the story any less worth discussing. even if that particular deal with the chinese was not completed, it does not mean that it was not planned. the presence or absence of joe's name in corporate records does not disprove the story, as we posted messages and emails in which the hunter tells his partners to keep his father's involvement a secret.

сообщение the wall street journal стало поводом для остальных сми похоронить эту историю, и две последние недели предвыборной компании о ней не говорили. байдену даже не задали никаких вопросов о ней.

насколько успешно им удалось замять ситуацию понятно, если посмотреть на результаты опроса, проведенного media research center на прошлой неделе. оказывается, 45 процентов голосовавших за байдена никогда не слышали о скандале с хантером. а 9,5 процента опрошенных заявили, что не отдали бы свой голос за байдена, если бы узнали о нем раньше.

в виде дополнения, вы, может быть, этого не знаете, но сенат продолжает расследование ситуации с хантером, и через две недели после голосования, они опубликовали новые сведения. в ходе расследования обнаружилось, что одна из фирм, связанная с хантером, получила перевод в размере 6 миллионов долларов от китайской государственной организации.

эта история особенно важна сегодня, когда джо стал избранным президентом. если он соврал насчет прибыльных деловых соглашений своей семьи с китаем, то это делает его уязвимым перед шантажом.

раньше такое называлось новостями.

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