lockdowns and downs

one famous restaurateur wrote on facebook: if you close restaurants and street vendors on new year's holidays, people will visit each other, visit old people and infect them with the virus. and so there was a chance that the youth would have fun separately, and the old people would sit at home. therefore, in the creative community, especially affected by the restrictive measures of the government, there is a pun that the “downs” invented the lockdown. not in the sense of "sunny people", but officials with a lack of rational thinking.

minister of culture and information policy aleksandr tkachenko pleased. after the government at its meeting, instead of announcing the dates of total quarantine and the list of prohibitions, generously canceled the weekend lockdown, he called on compatriots to visit cultural institutions and creative industries on the coming weekend. to support, so to speak, the cultural sphere "with a ticket, coffee or subscription".

"the weekend quarantine is no longer in effect. this means that retail, cultural institutions and business in the creative industries, guided by the restrictions of the orange zone, can again work during the most profitable time and season for them.

уже с субботы можно снова посмотреть спектакль в театре, познакомиться с экспозициями музеев, послушать оперу, насладиться концертом в филармонии или посмотреть фильм в кинотеатре, не откладывать спортзал на понедельник, встретиться на кофе с друзьями в кафе или ресторане, пойти в торговый центр и найти себе там дело для досуга, и еще много нужных вещей, по которым все мы успели соскучиться.

pause in deliveries home, give up the temptation to stay under a warm blanket, put on masks, take antiseptics and go forward towards interesting weekend. plan them right now, "- said tkachenko.

good text. experience of journalistic work is evident. but what an unexpected joy came out! restaurants frantically buy groceries for the weekend and call waiters to work (half were sent on vacation). artists were urgently gathered to play performances. left for the audience to gather.

and somewhere in the corner a little girl tanya is crying, to whom her parents have presented an expensive ticket to the final of “dancing with the stars” in the pavilion of vdnkh. but since the live broadcast of the 1 + 1 channel show took place on sunday, the audience was not allowed. there were masked mannequins. it remained a mystery to tanya why concerts on friday were safe and not on sunday.

museums are a separate topic. how long have you been to the museum? to be honest, i haven't been there for several years. ever since the opportunity to travel to europe appeared. and before that she was often. the exposition in the kiev national museum of russian art (now i know the tereshchenko museum of western and eastern art (khanenko museum) almost by heart.

but i doubt that over the past few years the situation with visiting there has changed dramatically. and in the museum halls connoisseurs of art began to crowd.i am almost sure that a couple of people in the museum hall is the norm.even for a weekend.i mean that the museum is the safest place in terms of meeting with viruses.in contrast to a large shopping center with grocery and household orientation.

on the first "lockdown weekend" in "auchan" there was such a crowd, as usual before easter or new year. families came with children, with friends. the queue at the checkout stretched for the entire store row. what to do? what to do? it's cold outside. museums are closed. restaurants are only for takeaway. swimming pools are at the castle. well, at least to look at new year's toys and stock up on gifts. again, saint nicholas is coming soon, and there are toys in the range.

что касается общепита, клубов и караоке, то пятница и четверг здесь заменили субботу и воскресенье. потому что это – территория молодых. много стариков вы наблюдали в ресторанах? то-то. а поскольку наша платежеспособная молодежь в большой своей массе работает на удаленке, аутсорсинге, по гибкому графику или не работает вообще, забронировать столик днем четверга на вечер в модном ресторане стало почти нереально. и в недорогом баре тоже: там массово “грызут науку” студенты, отпущенные на дистанционное обучение до конца года. 

by the way, the logic of the weekend lockdown in relation to taowa restaurants: the authorities stated that the number of confirmed cases of infection in restaurants is small, but people catch the virus ... until they get to the restaurant. i wonder if you come to pick up the order, will the coronavirus bypass?

last weekend, the police broke down the doors of a restaurant on the water where they were supposedly serving customers. although the restaurant chain's lawyers argue that these were customers who came to get their order. since the regulations do not clearly indicate where to wait for the take-out order - inside or outside, they were allowed to warm up in the room.

in general, we are in trouble with the details of prohibitions and permissions. as with scheduling constraints. everyone writes that the idiocy of the situation is in its unpredictability and ambiguity. my head is spinning from forecasts and estimates. the news feed is a torrent of controversy. who to believe?

the ministry of health believes that the three-week quarantine of the weekend gave its result: it slowed down the pace of the "hurricane" spread of the coronavirus. according to the minister of health maxim stepanov, the positive effect of the quarantine was achieved despite the fact that the whole country "did not adhere to it very well."

in the state consumer service of kiev, on the contrary, they are confident that the weekend quarantine was inappropriate and did not improve the epidemiological situation in the country. the rate of spread of the coronavirus both in the capital and throughout ukraine remained rapid.

for several days in the government corridors, the media and the people are discussing options for introducing total quarantine: for the new year and christmas, before the holidays, after, instead of or during. waited for a decision last wednesday. did not wait. the whole country remained in limbo.

no one knows, for example, whether hotels will accept tourists during full quarantine. everyone or only with a business trip certificate, as in russia and poland? will more than ten people be allowed to gather in companies in public places, which include ski resorts?

will there be trains? and intercity transport in general? because if our wise authorities first decide that it is possible to move and everyone will go on skis and “dodoma, to hachi,” and then suddenly the incidence rate will jump and transport tickets will be “zeroed”, like tickets to concerts on weekends, there will be a snag.

i read here that over 400 thousand sailors around the world are stuck at sea on their ships, who cannot return home due to quarantine restrictions. the un has already called on countries to provide assistance to crew members. lovers of travel during the new year holidays in ukraine may find themselves in approximately the same situation.

discuss not only the exact start and end dates of the hard restrictions, but also the forms of prohibitions. a christmas tree with a hat on the sofia square in kiev is being erected. question: will there be a new year's town with barbecue and souvenirs? it is clear that he magnetically attracted thousands of people (these are not museums) and created conditions for mass infection. almost like a supermarket checkout. but it’s time to tell those poor fellows who raised pigs and chickens for new year’s food courts: is it to slaughter or not? to firms that provide catering services: to occupy places and people to hire? or is everyone banned?

at first they said that there would be no trees, concerts or fairs for the new year. then someone suggested introducing a “low season” from january 2. in europe, a curfew is actively practiced when establishments do not work at night. seductive idea.

i got the impression that our authorities are feverishly sorting out the models of behavior of european countries and are trying to understand what kind of "clothes" will fit on ukraine. for example, in poland, by christmas (they have it, as you know, catholic) restaurants, bars, fitness studios and cultural institutions will not work. hungary in november introduced a series of quarantine restrictions for three months: all high schools, universities and restaurants were closed, and the night curfew was extended.

but in england the nationwide quarantine imposed by the british government on november 5 ends on december 2. shops and sports clubs across the country will be able to earn money again. in france the same thing. most of the stores were reopened there after a month's downtime. in paris, queues lined up for them. and the first buyers after the lockdown were greeted with applause.

in croatia they decided to "shoot" before the holidays: from november 28 to december 21 all restaurants, bars, sports clubs are closed. weddings and fairs are also prohibited. and then everything will be open.

a "soft lockdown" has been announced in germany since the beginning of november. restaurants only sell takeaway food, and cinemas and theaters, hotels, shopping centers, gyms, and leisure centers are closed. however, schools and kindergartens will continue to operate. these measures will continue after the new year. but for the sake of celebrating christmas on december 25th, an exception is made. kind of like an open house.

in spain, on the contrary, gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited to celebrate christmas and the new year (even at home); moving between regions from december 23 to january 6; traditional festive events are recommended to be held only outdoors and in compliance with sanitary standards. for students who intend to return home for the holidays, the government proposes to self-isolate for 10 days in advance.

which option should we choose? how is spain? france? or how is england? but they had an almost complete lockdown, and we only have a day off. let's be like poland and hungary? or how is sweden? by the way, sweden continues its unique path in the coronavirus world. but more on that in a separate article.

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