cabinet wants to take a "coronavirus" loan from the ibrd


ukraine plans to receive a $ 300 million loan from the international bank for reconstruction and development (ibrd) to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

a representative of the cabinet of ministers in the verkhovna rada (vr) vasily mokan wrote about this on his facebook page on monday, 23 november.

so, the government approved the draft order of president vladimir zelensky on the delegation of ukraine to participate in negotiations with the ibrd.

"the document envisages that it is expedient to attract a loan from a bank for the implementation of the investment project" second additional financing "aimed at overcoming the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic and attracting $ 300 million for the project to modernize the system of social support for the population of ukraine", - explained the mokan.

this money, as a representative of the cabinet of ministers added in bp, will provide an opportunity for the government to attract additional funds to improve the performance of the social assistance system and social services in ukraine.

according to mokan, it is planned for this:

  • introduction of emergency cash transfers for individuals and households who have lost their jobs or sources of income due to the covid-19 pandemic;
  • support for poor households with the help of the country's state social assistance program for low-income families;
  • strengthening social protection delivery systems and institutions to improve future responsiveness.
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