this is a fiasco bro!

i fully share the concerns of the gun-lovers, in particular taras chornovol, about the disgusting electoral behavior of the inhabitants of the cultural capital of the world and ukraine, the city of the manicured lion of lviv. instead of surrendering to the european choice and to a nato member in the person of poroshenko, they so petty voted for sadovy. again. draft called them "lions". frankly, i don’t understand the meaning of this word, but i feel that this definition is clearly derogatory.

sort of gay, but in an extremely negative context. it would seem, what could be easier? here is the blue, which represents the "serpentine hetman" of the nation, who chose the lions as his residence. headquarters of the supreme commander. and here is the garden, which filled up a beautiful european city and half of the country with household waste. the choice is obvious! only poroshenko, only nato. petr alekseevich approached his lviv campaign very anxiously. dozens of devices were extracted from the scrap metal. they were lovingly restored by experts from the eurosolidarity office with the help of scotch tape and chewing gum. tons of sweets produced by the world famous blind trust roshen were fed to the residents of the cultural capital. and suddenly there was such a barbaric attitude towards a person whom us president joe biden called “the father of the ukrainian nation” at five minutes. not in the sense that petro alekseevich conceived many real ukrainian patriots, but in a generalized, so to speak, figurative plan. says, about you, friend peter, the next generations of ukrainians will compose songs. perhaps even cantatas.

the symbolism of the capture of lvov by the friendly team of the "syvochologo" is very, very, very deep. poroshenko's wife marina in the guise of a maiden with a child in a mask took possession of the electorate of the official capital. the majority of the happy kievites voted for "eurosolidarity", which once again confirms the thesis about the rapid processes of degradation of the population during the next wave of mass resettlement of patriots. they are in great demand in kiev, because there are a lot of vacancies for them on television, radio, in the government, in the office of the president and other official institutions. residents of ternopil and ivano-frankivsk confidently fill the media with themselves, since the rest, unfortunately, do not speak the language of true culture.

in kiev, it means that poroshenko has the largest faction, and in lvov, in general, there is a triumph in the face of the blue. the first in the history of this city mayor - "gunpowder". having conquered two capitals of the nation at once, peter alekseevich can safely take the remaining cities and villages of the country, which obediently falls at his feet. he records a beautiful video message against the backdrop of the defeated gardener, whose head is carefully packed in a symbolic garbage bag. in the background there are crowds of his faithful comrades-in-arms with burning bunches ... sorry, their eyes shout "at kiev, take power!"

but, unfortunately, no matter how many inhabitants of lviv you kiss, everywhere, it means ... and the past mayoral elections have confirmed this. needless to say, funeral mood reigns in the ultra-modern european solidarity office with transparent toilet cubicles. again sobbing impressionable irina gerashchenko, burying herself in the courageous shoulder of gerasimov. he disdainfully tries to move the source of potential infection away from his expensive suit. party activists are trying to talk in a whisper, bloggers look with excitement at the chief sociologist of "eurosolidarity" igor gryniv, who predicted the victory of blue in the first round. could he get away with it again? of course it will do. and not that, you know, went.

the "syvocholiy" is surviving with dignity the defeat that has fallen on him. just two night tantrums and a broken glass in the toilet in the morning. calmness itself. will have to cancel the winning call to friend biden. an agreement has already been reached that the mexican who works in joe's office will receive poroshenko's call for a nominal fee and congratulate him on his "fantastic victory." this will allow petr alekseevich to assert about a bipartisan consensus in the united states, which again want to enter him, so handsome and fucking ... who has lost weight as the leader of the european nation.

yes ... gardening has overshadowed everything ... ruined. we all know from the derkach films that the leader of the “self-help”, which has sunk into oblivion in the form of a political toilet bowl, and poroshenko have developed a difficult relationship. petr alekseevich constantly complained about the uncontrollability of both the “self-help” faction and the mayor of sadovoye. biden promised to put pressure on his henchmen, but he did not keep his word. “sadovoy doesn’t pick up the phone, they tell me that he’s on vacation somewhere in europe, please, put in the tomatoes so that his head doesn’t wobble,” the leader of the international anti-putin coalition asked biden. the victory over sadovy was of psychological significance for the "servant". he would have an orgasm from the overthrow of the "trash king". terrible, i will report to you, defeat. ex-speaker parubiy was the formal leader of the election campaign in lviv. but he isolated himself in time. either he is hiding from interrogation at the state brigade, or he is afraid of poroshenko's righteous anger. when peter alekseevich is drunk, he can be very cruel and straightforward. since poroshenko stays in this state almost constantly, andrew has something to fear. yes ... before biden, of course, it turned out awkward. lose such a significant political party ... what a bastard!

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