from the covid fund have already used more than 60% of the funds

from the fund to combat covid-19 have already used 41 billion hryvnias. this is 62% of the allocated funds.

about this reported by the press service of the ministry of finance.

“as of november 20, 2020, uah 41 billion was used from the fund for combating covid-19, which is 62% of the total amount of uah 66 billion,” it was reported.

uah 7.8 billion was allocated to healthcare activities out of the stipulated uah 18.5 billion, namely:

  • uah 4.2 billion was used to increase premiums and surcharges for medical workers from provided uah 6.1 billion,
  • uah 1.7 billion was allocated for the construction and repair of admission departments,
  • uah 0.8 billion was used for the provision of laboratories of the ministry of health and the purchase of personal protective equipment provided for uah 4 billion,
  • local budgets received a subvention to provide hospitals with oxygen in the amount of uah 571 million out of uah 1.5 billion,
  • 0 was used for the purchase of equipment for admission departments of supporting hospitals, uah 5 billion out of the foreseen uah 4.7 billion, or 10.6%
  • uah 42 million was spent on the purchase of ivl devices out of the planned uah 100 million.

uah 9.4 billion was allocated for social protection measures out of the planned uah 11.7 billion. it is indicated that uah 6.8 billion was transferred to the compulsory state insurance fund in case of unemployment, and to the social insurance fund - uah 1.7 billion.

in addition, uah 0.8 billion was used to pay child benefits to individual entrepreneurs who chose a simplified taxation system and belong to the first and second groups of single tax payers.

as of november 1, 86949 flp received child support; unemployment benefits were transferred to the accounts of 467,662 people, and funds were transferred to employers to pay 354,148 workers partial unemployment benefits for the quarantine period.

also made payments of material security to 32,220 persons and payment of benefits for temporary disability to 198,341 persons.

“uah 20.8 billion was spent on measures to stimulate the economy, out of the stipulated uah 32.4 billion, or 64%. for the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of public highways of state significance, uah 20.76 billion were transferred out of the stipulated uah 31 45 billion, or 66%, ”the message says.

58 million hryvnyas out of the stipulated 1 billion hryvnias, or 5.8%, were used for state support of the sphere of culture, tourism and creative industries.

uah 2.5 billion out of uah 2.7 billion or 92% was used to ensure law and order.

in addition, uah 524 million was provided for the recovery of expenses that were reduced when the fund was created. of which uah 324 million, or 50%, has now been used.

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