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министр финансов сергей марченко вместо того, чтобы заниматься бюджетом, в котором скоро не останется денег на мышеловки для сдохших от голода животных, колоссальные усилия тратит на уничтожение своей альма-матер. разносит по кирпичикам университет государственной фискальной службы, который в свое время и закончил. без особых, правда, успехов, но диплом получил.

what prompted mister marchenko to such an attack of vandalism? revenge. and money, of course. the current minister has a friend, konstantin shvabiy. until august 2020, he headed the educational and scientific institute of economics, taxation and customs. structurally, the institute with a mysterious name was part of the fiscal university in irpen. but since the general educational and intellectual level of mr. swabian was critically low, the staff of the institute expressed their mistrust during a secret ballot. konstantin flew past the second director's term. everything is fair: here is the protocol, the results of the vote count, a relatively wet seal.

a smarter man would think: shouldn't i go somewhere else? something is not working here. however, constantine took a different path. went to a friend-minister and wound it up well. like, seryozha, look what the situation is: they didn't just fire me, they spat at you, because everyone knows about our friendly relationship. the minister fell into a rage, because his "honor and dignity" were allegedly hurt. in private conversations, marchenko promised to demonstrate to everyone who is the boss and to dot the i's.

for a start, by his personal order, without any recommendation from the university, marchenko introduced the dismissed swabian into the scientific council of the ministry of finance. just to demonstrate their power. i wanted to - and entered.

the next step is to "reorganize" the university, which is subordinate to the ministry of finance. it is noteworthy that over the course of the year, neither minister marchenko nor his deputies have ever come to the university, have not met with the staff, have not taken an interest in the mood of the people working there. but after the dismissal of the friend of the bone, a violent activity suddenly began. state secretary of the ministry of finance dmitry samonenko, who deigned to go out to students and teachers picketing the cabinet, brazenly declared that the university needs to be reorganized, since this is the only way to remove the current rector pashko.

here's the second part of the finance minister's revenge plan. to reorganize the university, under this pretext to hold new elections for the rector, which, naturally, the swabians will "win". and there is a nice "bonus" from the fact that friend konstantin will take the helm of the university. the aforementioned samonenko also spoke about him openly at a meeting with the team. we, he says, need to establish control and management over the property complex of the university. for five years pashko did not allow the property of the university to be squandered, but now "other times" are coming.

it is clear that the university employees are outraged by the ministry of finance's "idea" regarding the reorganization of the university, which may lead to their dismissal in the middle of the academic year. they have an absolutely logical question: what other reorganization can be? after all, after the university was reassigned to the ministry of finance, it has already been transformed into the institution of higher education of the ministry of finance “state tax university” (order of 28.08.2020). the corresponding changes were made to the charter of the university by the decision of the labor collective. the document was sent for approval by the ministry of finance. after that it remains only to register with the ministry of justice and that's it. reorganization completed. however, the ministry of finance has not approved the charter for two months. why? because the head of the ministry of finance wants to: a) avenge the dismissal of his friend; b) to dismiss the current rector through a new "reorganization" of the university and replace him with the "offended" one; c) "establish control over the integral property complex of the university." this is the "logic".

it should be noted that for several years the university has been in a zone of increased "turbulence". they constantly want to "reorganize", "rename" and "lead". it’s a very tasty morsel near kiev. the last time an attempt was made to raider the property complex of the university was made in the spring of 2020 by the then state secretary of the ministry of finance vaschenko. law enforcement agencies are currently investigating a number of criminal proceedings, including against officials of the ministry of finance for abuse of office in relation to embezzlement. the property is really tasty: 22 hectares of land in irpen and 87 thousand 167 sq. meters in vorzel. in the latter case, we are talking about the territory of the rehabilitation base "pine forest", which was returned to the university by a court decision. it is not difficult to predict where this land might "go" during the "reorganization". and the land, i must say, is just golden.

the teaching staff and students are determined to stand up for their rights and hope that prime minister denis shmyhal and other officials will listen to people's opinions. there is little hope. however, recently there has been a rumor that mr. marchenko will not be in the office of finance minister for long due to the planned rotation in the cabinet. having safely filled up his line of work, he is already looking out for a "alternate airfield". perhaps the minister is still trying so hard not for a friend, but for himself. plans to "dive" into irpen.

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