ikea will switch half of its restaurant menus to plant-based dishes


swedish retailer ikea (ingka group) plans to change its restaurant menus by 2025, so that half of its main the dishes were prepared from herbal products.

according to the company's plans, 80% of the meals offered at ikea restaurants will not contain red meat, and 80% of the ready-made packaged meals offered for sale will be made from plant products.

“research confirms the importance of making sustainable products affordable and desirable, and ikea can really make a difference,” said lena pripp kovacs, head of sustainability at the inter ikea group. “greener choices should not be a luxury for the few, they should become part of people's daily lives,” she said in a press release from the company.

ikea promises to keep its signature swedish meatballs on the menu, even though the company has developed plant-based versions of the dish over the past couple of years.

according to the company, in 2019, more than 680 million ikea visitors bought food at its restaurants and bistros, as well as swedish grocery stores.

ikea has more than 370 stores worldwide. in russia, the retailer has 14 stores in mega shopping centers, of which three are located on the moscow ring road. moscow also has a city-format store “ikea khodynskoe pole” and two design studios.

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