attorney general of new york took up the income of ivanka trump

attorney general of new york was interested in the fees of the daughter of the president of the usa ivanka trump. a request for relevant documents was sent to the trump organization, reports new york times citing a law enforcement source.

notes that the request was sent as part of a widespread administrative investigation into the business relationship of president donald trump.

notes that new york state fraud investigation against trump has been expanded. it includes a case on tax write-off for millions of dollars, which, according to the interlocutor of the new york times, went to pay ivanka trump's fees.

according to the newspaper, a similar subpoena was sent to trump's company by manhattan district attorney cyrus vance jr., who is also conducting a criminal investigation.

prosecutors began their investigation following a recent new york times investigation into trump's tax history, which showed that the president had paid almost no federal income tax for many years.

associated press (ap) was unable to confirm a request from the manhattan district attorney, but ap's source confirmed a request from the state attorney general.

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