eu may pay over $ 10 billion for pfizer and curevac vaccines

eu may spend over $ 10 billion on coronavirus vaccines developed by pfizer pharmaceutical companies -biontech and curevac. the eu will pay less for one dose than the us for the initial supply of the vaccine, writes reuters citing an eu official involved in the negotiations.

according to the interlocutor of the agency, the european union intends to buy hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines.

for each dose of vaccine from pfizer and biontech, the eu agreed to pay $ 18.34 (15.5 euros).

the total cost for 200 million doses will be $ 3.7 billion, and if another 100 million doses are purchased, it will increase to $ 5.5 billion. the eu will pay less for the first deliveries than the us.

the eu is ready to pay $ 11.84 (10 euros) for the first deliveries of 225 million doses of curevac vaccine.

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