johnson announces large additional funding for the defense industry

Борис Джонсон

british prime minister boris johnson announced a major additional investment in defense on thursday.

"i am increasing defense spending by £ 24.1 billion over the next four years," johnson said in an address to parliament. earlier in his twitter he announced the decision to increase investments.

he said “that's £ 16.5 billion more” than planned. thus, it is planned to spend 190 billion pounds in just four years. that amount, johnson said, "is more than any other european country, and more than any nato ally except the united states."

johnson announced that the funding would give the british army a space command. it is also planned to officially launch the work of a special unit for actions in cyberspace. de facto it has been in existence for several years and is aimed at both defensive and offensive operations in cyberspace. the government intends to establish a structure to work on artificial intelligence.

thanks to the space command of great britain, according to johnson's plan, until 2022 it will be able to independently launch a rocket into space.

it is noted that a significant part of the money will be spent not on fundamentally new programs, but on the implementation of old ones. among other things, money is needed to purchase new armored vehicles to replace the outdated ones, as well as new navy frigates. additional funds are also required to maintain the country's nuclear arsenal.

according to the prime minister, the investment will be supported by an additional £ 1.5bn contribution to "military research and development."

additional funding will also help the country recover from the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and create more jobs.

as reported by downing street, uk defense minister ben wallace welcomed the news of increased investment. he said “it provides the financial confidence necessary to modernize, plan for the future and adapt to the threats” facing the country.

as previously noted by the sky news channel, additional investments in defense amounted to less than the army needs to solve all its current problems, but more than expected in the military command, given the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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