the state budget deficit in october amounted to almost uah 30.5 billion

the state budget deficit in october 2020 amounted to uah 30.44 billion, and in january -october this year, the state budget was reduced with a deficit of uah 112 billion, the state treasury service (gcsu) reported.

according to her data, in october the deficit of the general fund of the state budget amounted to uah 26.88 billion, and for ten months the general fund of the state budget was reduced to a deficit of almost uah 120.5 billion.

according to the state treasury, borrowings in october amounted to uah 20.9 billion, and in 10 months - almost uah 426.5 billion (against a plan of uah 567.146 billion), while ukraine borrowed to foreign markets in october did not come out.

as follows from the data of the state property committee, repayments in october amounted to almost uah 7 billion, and over 10 months - uah 337.56 billion, which is uah 13.4 billion below the plan. repayments on external borrowings amounted to uah 1.3 billion in october, while in january-october they reached uah 136.05 billion against the expected uah 138.7 billion.

according to the materials of the state treasury, privatization in january-october brought uah 1.913 billion, in october - uah 21 billion.

in general, the state budget revenues for 10 months amounted to uah 842.437 billion against the plan of uah 1.014 trillion, on the general fund - uah 720.46 billion against the expected uah 722.096 billion. expenses for january-october amounted to uah 950.842 billion, on the general fund - uah 843.12 billion, the treasury said.

in october, state budget expenditures amounted to almost uah 107.6 billion, including the general fund - almost uah 92.47 billion.

state budget revenues for 2020 were approved at uah 975.833 billion (including uah 855.4 billion in the general fund), expenses - uah 1.266 trillion (uah 1.135 trillion).

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