what you need to know about sports karting

karting as a sport is a race on specific simple cars without a body. these vehicles, due to their specificity, can reach speeds of 260 kilometers per hour.

many people nowadays bet on sports, making real money from it. karting also did not stand aside, many players try to guess the results of the races. there are even special betting programs , which help to calculate the performance of the match.

how it all began

the history of the emergence and development of this sport and hobby is simultaneously surrounded by numerous karting legends, many of which, despite their amusement, still have a place to be in real life ... for example, there is an opinion that the ancestor of karting was the entertainment of teenagers who rode on carts from a mountain in the thirties in the united states of america.

another legend claims that the idea of ​​this sport came from one of the former pilots, the mechanic of the car factory art ingles, born on the basis of observing the races of military pilots in carts for the delivery of aerial bombs. after a while he managed to create a light car, which became famous as a kart or a cart.

later on, several car companies specializing in the production of racing cars produced a number of inexpensive and simple karts, which contributed to the rise in popularity of the phenomenon of amateur karting. it still takes place, especially in the cis countries, where the phenomenon of “do-it-yourself karting” has spread. its essence lies in the fact that amateurs and professional mechanics organize small private workshops for the assembly and operation of karts.


the predictions of this sport are very rosy due to the success of the experimental solutions of the karting masters. for example, installing a jet engine on a car, as a result of which it was possible to fix the speed of more than four hundred kilometers per hour.

professional karting competitions are represented by such qualifying stages of events as international formulas, as well as national and amateur classes. the first level of the competition is professional go-karting; it makes the following requirements for the participants and equipment: the driver's age is 16 years, the minimum weight of the car in total with the driver's weight is from 170 kilograms, the engine volume is up to 125 cubic meters.

national classes, in particular in russia, admit participants over 5 years old. competitions of a lower class, amateur, are held among different age groups and on a variety of low power cars, but do not provide an opportunity to get a sports category.

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