england will reduce quarantine for visitors to five days

the authorities in england have decided to reduce the mandatory 14-day quarantine for people arriving from countries from which they are required this measure due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the british government said.

“minister of transport grant shapps announced today that from 15 december 2020, passengers arriving in england (...) will be able to take a test (for coronavirus - if) after five days of self-isolation. if they receive a negative result, they will be able to end their isolation, ”says the website of the british government.

until now, for people on arrival from a list of certain countries, which, according to the british health services, are dangerous in terms of infection with coronavirus, it has been mandatory quarantine for 14 days.

"by enabling people to take the test on day five, we are supporting the travel industry as it continues to recover from the pandemic," shapps said.

he added that the new measures should allow "to travel more freely, meet with loved ones and do international business."

the isolation regime introduced earlier in england will end on december 2: people will be able to leave their homes again and meet up to six in number, shops and gyms will reopen; the authorities will allow outdoor sports. however, all restrictive measures will not end with the lockdown.

a three-level system of restrictions unified for the whole of england will come into force: the degree of restrictions will depend on the epidemiological situation in a particular region of england. british prime minister boris johnson promised to announce where and what levels of restrictions will be introduced on thursday. he noted that more districts than before would fall into the increased restriction category and apologized to business owners for the inconvenience.

he noted that the intensified fight against the virus at this stage will give residents more freedom to communicate with family and friends at christmas.

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