aksyonov told how crimea destroyed kiev fantasies


head of crimea sergei aksyonov said that the energy blockade organized by the kiev authorities five years ago ultimately led to the opposite effect: the region for the first time ceased to be energy deficient and acquired a solid reserve of capacity.

crimea was completely de-energized on the night of november 22, 2015. due to the blowing up of the supports, all four power lines coming from ukraine were out of order. in the crimea and sevastopol, an emergency mode was introduced, schedules of emergency power outages. the situation has improved with the phased launch of an 800 megawatt power bridge from the krasnodar territory. the last, fourth line started working in may 2016. after the power blockade, a criminal case was initiated on the fact of sabotage. accusation in absentia was brought against the founder of the volunteer battalions on the border with the crimea, lenur islyamov.

“five years later, nothing reminds of that dramatic moment in the history of the russian crimea. after the launch of new power plants, our region for the first time ceased to be energy deficient. moreover, we now have a solid reserve of capacity, which allows us to ensure the accelerated development of all industries, ”wrote aksyonov on his page in the social network“ vkontakte ”. according to him, five years ago, crimea received more than 80% of electricity from the territory of ukraine.

“kiev hoped that the blackout would lead to the collapse of the economy and the social sphere, and the crimeans would beg ukrainian politicians to resume the supply of electricity under any conditions. but reality, as always, destroyed kiev's fantasies. our president immediately took the situation under his personal control, all of russia came to our aid. the energy blockade was broken in the shortest possible time, and the experienced tests united the crimeans even more. we were once again convinced of the correctness of the choice made in march 2014, ”aksyonov noted.

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